To be confused with Alena, the Sang'gre.
Alena7769 secretly roams Stupidity Wiki (here! Duh) without commenting, editing, or anything, just see the pages like a blocked person. Her mission to hide like a blocked person failed, so she had no choice but to edit here when she saw this. Heehee

She spams the WATER, LOL and CHOCOLATE spams.

Her family


The new water-addict user

Block log

GES wiki (Gracie edlebeck's series wiki)

  • She had been blocked for three days by Deshna Lilyberry because she told her "PASHNEA" which means "how dare you".
  • She had been blocked for a week by Loupa because she told Loopy that his edits suck.

KOTR wiki (Kate Over the Rainbow wiki)

  • She had been blocked for a month by Deshna Lilyberry for spamming just because she had a page in this Wiki.

Shopkins Comics wiki

  • She had been indefinitely blocked by ShopkinsCute bacause she had "a s*xy profile picture".

Stupidity wiki



Her goal (failed)

Her goal here is to secretly roam Stupidity Wiki.

Our goal (passed)

Our goal is to make Akesha admit it that she roams in this Wiki!! Woo hoo!


  • Her real name was revealed in the Umbrella page.

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