Sang'gre Amihan (English name: Breeze Blood *LEGIT*) is a possibly resurrected Enchanted-being from an area outside of the Stoopiverse called Encantadia.

Basic Story

She is like the daughter of Mine-a and some Raquim person. Amihan was named after Mine-a's sister whom she killed out of stupidity and lack of knowledge. However, Pirena wanted Amihan dead, so she had Gurna kill her as a baby. If that actually worked out, Amihan wouldn't have even had much of a story, so obviously Gurna failed. She was sent to the human world for her first few years so she could like not be in danger. When she came back to Encantadia, she and her sister Pirena had a somewhat cringy relationship. Oh, and Amihan has wind powers. Pirena was hecka jelly that Amihan was chosen to be the Queen of Lireo, so Pirena decided to be evil. Then their mom died. So yeah, then she had a dream of Alena's boyfriend and had a daughter named Lira who was sent to the human world temporarily. Mira, Pirena's daughter, was who Amihan thought to be her daughter, until she didn't think that. When Lira returned, Amihan was stabbed by her. But because of the plot's relevance, she didn't die. But she did by Hagorn sometime later and now lives in Devas. THAT'S IT.


Her beloved daughter, Lira, is DEAD, because pashnea Asval shot her with a human gun!

Likes (before she was dead)

  • Her sisters
  • Her dead parents
  • Lira (her daughter)
  • Mira (niece that she knows as "daughter")
  • Ybarro "Ybrahim"
  • Lireo
  • Sapiro
  • Her Brilyante

Dislikes (before she was dead)

  • Hagorn
  • Hathoria
  • Hagorn's Hadezars


  • TheSnuggleKinz made this page, but has no idea what Encantadia is about besides the basics.
  • TheSnuggleKinz knows what Avisala mieste means!!
  • Amihan and Kahlil came back to Encantadia as ivtres.
  • As of the most recent episode of Encantadia, Amihan is........

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