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A typical Anaconda.

An anaconda is a large snake and a VERY CRINGY song sung by CRINGY Minaj.


The Anaconda snake is a very large snake. Fans od the snake are offened by the song and it's lyrics.

Wait, I thought there was a song about it, but where's the song cover and the lyrics?

It's too inappropriate to put here!!!!

What The Song is Made Of

It is made of:

  • 95% BLEEP
  • 4.9% cringe
  • 0.1% beats
  • 0% anacondas

Controversies of the Song

  • Lyrics are CRINGY, and they have waaay too many innapropriate puns
  • Music video not age restricted on YouTube
  • Music video is CRINGY
  • Music video inappropriate for children
  • Spinning fruits everywhere on the music video
  • Too much cursing
  • CRINGY Minaj is made of plastic
  • CRINGY Minaj's laugh is horrifying #waytootrue
  • CRINGY Minaj's voice is autotuned
  • Dumbells of CRINGY Minaj are obviously fake
  • No anacondas are in the music video
  • The song is sampled from a CRINGY 90s "hit"
  • The title "Anaconda" has a disgusting hidden meaning



Wait, Where's The Music Video?

Also too inappropriate to put here!!!!!