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Barney is a dinosaurus who is green and purple. He has "friends".

Barney's friends

  • Baby Bop
    • Barney's girlfriend who is a green triceratops...I think. She likes to have three year old tantrums (like Caillou). She wears way too much mascara for a six year old (omg she's only three).
  • B.J.
    • Baby Bop's brother who is a yellow dinosaurus, of a different peculiar kind. He is very selfish, and he likes to lie a lot. He is SERIOUSLY insecure about just about everything.
  • Riff
    • The previous two's orange cousin who is a "hadrosaur" (because three year-olds know what that is). He only likes music, and that's it, that's all he is and does.

Barney Songs

I Love Me

I love me, you love me.

I'm stuck up as you can see!

I am so darn big and I want to tell you,

"Bee-Bop", we'll be married soon.

Barney is a

Barney is a perfect thing in his imagination.

And when he's tall, he calls himself a dinosaur sensation!

Barney's friends are big and small, they come from lots of places.

But we know his friends are but one, the friend that's on his face is.

Barney shows us lots of things, like how to play pretend!

ABCs and 123s, but he won't be a friend!

Barney never plays with us, so we never will need him.

Barney can be evil too, if you just rhyme "him" with "him"!


  • He of course is the biggest, and the main character. It's relevant to the plot.

Gallery of Barney & Friends