Don't get on her bad side.

Madonna is like a dumb blonde!

But she is not like a violent person! SHE IS!

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Berry Berry Swirl is Deshna Lilyberry's alter ego.

Her YouTube channel

Go to this future YouTube channel along with her best friend Nana Gloss Up.

People's opinions about her

"She's the BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!!!! She's like the loyal one!!" -Nana Gloss Up

"I like her, too. Okay, I may never admit it, but I think I have *whispers* a little crush on her..." -Choco Cream

"She is my favorite Num because she smells like strawberries and she's PINKIE!" -Deshna Lilyberry

"Hate her." -Dolores Umbridge

"I think I'm going to just like her." -Alena7769