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The Blood Family Tree is the very inaccurate completely correct and canon English version of the Blood (Sang'gre) family from Enchanted (Encantadia). This is known as the "clean" version as no person gets married to more than one person...since that is disgusting. If you are a hardcore Enchanted (Encantadia) fan, you may easily cringe at this family tree...if you can read it.


Some names have been "translated into English", and characters that have not been given a name/declaration they even exist are given random names. Here is a list of names that have been changed.

  • Cassiopeia: Cassia
  • Ursula: Uma
  • LilaSari: Lila Sariah
  • Bartimus: Barret
  • Hagorn: Haiden
  • Demetria: Demi
  • Deshna: Luna
  • Adhara: Adara
  • Mine'a: Mina
  • Raquim: Raheem
  • Amihan (I & II): Aminah
  • Enuo: Enoch
  • Pirena: Pia
  • Ybarro: Ibrahim
  • Hitano: Hiro
  • Danaya: Danae
  • Lira: Lyra
  • Kahlil: Khalil


The first member of the Blood Family Tree is the First Queen of Lireo, Cassia. She had a single son named Rohan. When Cassia was kicked out from Lireo, her son Rohan's wife Uma became the Second Queen of Lireo. Uma had one elder sister named Vada who married a secretly evil Etherian named Ethen. Vada and Ethen had one child who was eventually adopted by Cassia, Lila Sariah. Many years later, Lila Sariah would marry Haiden, the Third King of Hathoria, and have one daughter who would also be put up for adoption, Luna. Now Luna's great aunt Uma, the Second Queen of Lireo who was married to the First Prince of Lireo, Rohan had two daughters; Nahla and Demi. The eldest daughter Nahla wished to not become the Third Queen of Lireo after her mother so that she could take care of her daughter Adara with her husband Barrett, the First King of Hathoria. The younger daughter Demi however did want to become queen, and after Uma's death, she became the Third Queen of Lireo. Demi eventually married a Sapirian named Harlan, and had a daughter named Esmeralda who married Harlan's younger brother, Shai. Contrary to popular belief, Esmeralda did become queen at the same time as Demi. It was called the "Double Queen Era" and it lasted for a while. Esmeralda Devas-ed before Demi however and left her daughters Mina and Aminah to be the next Double Queens (as that era continued). When Demi Devas-ed, Mina and Aminah became the queens. Animah soon left after only a few months and moved to Cassia's island where she married Enoch. Mina on the other hand stopped the Double Queen Era and stayed queen herself. A few years later, she married Raheem and had four daughters; Pia, Aminah, Alena, and Danae respectively. The first daughter Pia was not chosen by her mother Mina to become queen, but Pia did marry a soldier named Gunnar. With Gunnar, she had a daughter named Mira who was partially named after Pia's mother, Mina, who Devas-ed when Pia gave birth. Mina's second daughter, Aminah, who eventually became queen after her, married Prince of Sapiro, Ibrahim. Ibrahim and Aminah had one child, Lyra. Mina's third daughter, Alena, married a Lirean named Hiro. Hiro and Alena had a child name Khalil. Mina's last daughter, Danae, became queen after her elder sister Aminah Devas-ed. This is the full story of the Blood Family Tree.

Characters Who Never Devas-ed

In age order, the never Devas-ed characters are:

  1. Lila Sariah
  2. Enoch
  3. Hiro
  4. Alena
  5. Danae




Lila Sariah

Lila Sariah








Mina and Raheem


Aminah I






Aminah II















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