Brekky is this mysterious human who loves breakfast. She and her friends are all associated with Breakfasty Drawings.



I can be bothered to put up Brekky's family tree, so I will just name some relatives.

Breakfast Benny

Breakfast Benny is a famous singer who writes songs and sings them. He is Brekky's dad.

Imaika Thebreakfast

Brekky's mum who makes breakfast for a living (well what do you expect?!)

Walker Downstairs

Breakfast Benny's BFF and member of his band - not related to Brekky, I just felt like putting him here.

Whatsfor Breakfast

Breakfast Benny's other BFF and member of his band - see above.

Things that Brekky LIKES!!!

  • Breakfast
  • the colour green
  • eating
  • passport photos
  • paperclips
  • minecraft
  • lots more but I can't be bothered to put it here

Things that Brekky HATES!!!

  • not having BREAKFAST!!!
  • sheep in minecraft
  • starving
  • school
  • lots more but... you know the rest.


  • There are to be collectibles based on Brekky coming soon.
  • Fire is Brekky's pet.
  • CoolChocoCassandra voices Brekky in the Fire Movie.


IMG 4640

Brekky Designs Collectibles Plan