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Care Bears are *a bit overweight maybe you should go on a diet/fat* critters with the ability to explode light from their tummies. They cannot see well, so they stare at ppl with their bellies, which causes excessive bleeding. Like Strawberry Shortcake, they cannot keep any sort of show going for more than a few years because Care Bears serieses have been getting worse every thyme.

Like most (allll lolll) unsuccessful shows from the 80s, the main focus of Care Bears is to sell toys for the big money. Care Bears do not only include bears, but there is a selection of other types of critters referred to plainly as Zoos thoughsoever. All Care Bears and Zoos live in a kingdom called Care-a-Lot (pronounced "Charlotte") which overlooks the city of Charlotte in North Dakota, United Kingdom. The Care Bear Zoos used to live in Happy or Sad Place Land World also known as the Jungle of Sorrows and Happy before they started wearing cheap sweaters.


The following are vocabularical words necessary to know in order to understand the Care Bears' toxic atmospherical existence.

  1. Anywhereland - Care-a-Lot and everything.
  2. Bearachter - a bare character.
  3. Bearly - having the scent of refrigerated throw-up.
  4. Careacter - a care character
  5. Howtheever - a questionable assumption.
  6. Inacint - a scandaloso.
  7. Maoduneydernymoney - national currency of Care-a-Lot and the dark hekk.
  8. Nevertheever - the modern form of nevertheless.
  9. Shqueaming - existing in the state of noise.
  10. Sleppy - a bit tired.
  11. Supsosdeadly - resulting in the unavoidable death theory.
  12. Thoughsoever - technically.
  13. Thoughsoevertheneverly - technically not named Everl(eigh/y).
  14. Whatevertheever - no one cares; anti-caring.
  15. Whatsoevertheever - whatsoever.
  16. Witwch - a shqueaming witch.

80s Bearachters and Zoos



From left to right: Frown Bear, No Heart Bear, and Dwarf Bear.

Dwarf Bear: Snow White's angry companion's alter-eagle. He is best known for being happy.

Sleppy Bear: A bear who *spoiler alert* goes to sleep forever. Nevertheever, Sleppy's ghost will haunt you at bedthyme.

No Heart Bear: A bear whose heart is falling out of his stomach. He is a descendant of the ruler of Charlotte, King No Heart, and his brother is a beeest.

Frown Bear: The pink Mary Sue with a colorful frowny-face on her tummy.
Screenshot 2018-04-24 at 12.41.47 PM

No Heart and Have a Heart kissing for the 'gram

Acquaintance Bear: A dirty bear who puts dirt-flowers on her tummy.

1/365/6 Bear: This bear can only help you 1/365 or 1/366 of the time, so if you see it, YOU'RE LUCKIER THAN

Lucky Charms: Some jolly elf from the north who enjoys giving people magic wishes.

Have a Heart Bear: This bear just la-ov-es to love! She is the only bear who commands instead of encourages with her catch phrase being "HAVE A HEART ALREADY *****!"

Eyesight Removal: This bright sunshine bear can send you to her initials!

Star Shooter: A dangerous, not-so-caring bear who has a shooting star-shaped pimple.

Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 10.20.57 PM

Star Shooter is shocked to find that The Gossip has been *HUH* drinking sparkling grape juice!

Super Bowl: That bear who just is good at everything/Gary Stu.

Cher Ber: This is a disgusting bear that is not-for-kidz.

The Gossip: The offensive form of a mute bear.

Old Bear: This is a dead bear.

Music Bear: While a character with no importance whatsoevertheever, Music Bear is the only named Love Bear.

Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 10.23.20 PM

This INACINT image had to be blurred due to the Care Bears FANDOM that is more toxic than the MLP clo-

Baby Bugs Bear and Baby Drugs Bear: Two orphan bears who were raised by their granny Old Bear (until she became a star in the sky).

Old Heart Bear: Older than Old Bear herself, she is not canon.
The okij

Care Bears bleeding


Tonsa Elephant: A snorting zoo elephant from Africa.

The Lion King: Simba: A zoo lion who will charge (you money). His ketch-up/phrase is "GUAAAAARD" when referring to the Lion Guard.

(Gets the) Runs a Lot: A zippy zoo with stretchy ears. Runs is a relative of the loon, Bunny Bugs. She is the niece of the Wiz's Black Rabbit.

Bah! Humbug Green Sheep: A slightly fur-ocious lambchop zoo who hates puppies.
Too close

No Heart and Have a Heart (80s Hannie)

Masked Airhead: A pink skunky zoo with a shiny tummy pimple. It is possible that Airhead has made a thyme machine.

Professor Penguinheart: A coldhearted penguin zoo who can fly better than any Care Bear. She is the step-niece of Blue No Heart and is always portrayed as a secondary villain. She likes hockey because it kills ppl and hates her niece Ashley Wagnerheart Bear.

Keep comments positive

Prideful Cat: Prideful Cat is a zoo cat who is too selfish to be part of The Lion King's pride. Pridey is often referred to as "the Scar."

Sweetheart Big: This zoo is a snorting foodie who eats more than she can handle (obesity)! Her favorite animal is pig, and her least-favorite flower is the Forcynthia, a flower of the Asian city Tian.

Puppies: Miniature blooo Clifford from the Care Bears Zoo Famly; hated by Bah! Humbug Green Sheep.

Lazy Money: A money zoo who is too lazy to remember the letter "k." Whatevertheever, Lazy Money is not a playful zoo. Lazy is best friends with the magenta-head, Steffy, a cousin of witwch Shweeky.

Mule Nobility: The wealthy predecessor of Rock Your Hair; the former king of Charlotte, prior to the overthrowing by Queen Shweeky. He is now, as predicted by witwch Shweeky, dead. His remains were buried in. In the past, Mule Nobility was married to Old Heart Bear, but they broke up. He decided to marry a Manchu chick named Twinkle Sprinkle, later on, and at his funeral, his lawyer Lazy Money told everyone how much he loved Twinkle-Li. His dying wish witch was Shweeky.

Other Bearachters

Amigo Bear: The name of Aquaintance Bear in Spainico since 1980s and eventually real character in America to promote differences instead of racism. (There is not an African bear).
The only picture known of Care Bear Cousin

The only picture known of Care Bear Cousin


They kissed in a CHILDREN's show in the dainty 80S????? WHAT IS THIS.

Care Bear Cousin: Care Bear Cousin is an extremely rare bear who was only released in New York City, England on July 14, 1989. Only two of her are currently known, and she makes zero (0) appearances on all Care Bears television series. She is called "Care Bear Cousin" because she is the cousin of Shweeky.

Cute Bear: Only exists as a toy, though MUCH easier to find than the other Care Bears. Cute Bear is the generic teddy bear who, (is not a care bear), but still counts. YOU can find Cute Bear at ANYWHERELAND ... howtheever, the main form of Cute Bear is the Trumpy Bear. Cute Bear isn't cute?

Japan Grizzlys: Chinese knock-off care bears. One of them dates an elf while the other one is just average.

80s Fill-ins


Shweeky the Shqueaming Witwch

King No Heart: A faceless wizard named BEASTLY.

Blue No Heart: The original villain who turns kids into frog-dragonettes.

Beastly: His name is actually beest and he has a crush on Shweeky.

Shweeky: A witchgirl who is an avid supporter of

Shweeky's Crush: A nursery rhymer-witchwizard. He may be Old McDonald.

Anti-Freeze: A psychopath used to kill ppl (people) and ppl (paypal, in otherwords she wants maoduneydernymoney.)

Bloodheart: A sorcerer who indirectly began the Care Bears "family" by orphaning all the Care Bears and killing their friends and family to remind them of his DARK HEART.

Cornological Groups of Care Bears

Happi Bears: 1979

Screenshot 2018-07-05 at 3.35.41 PM

Happi Bears, made by the toy brand Ξ±βˆ‚Ο…β„“Ρ‚ нαρριηΡss, was the first release of "Tedde Bears" (bears with adult-like features) known. The price of these bears was meant to be $39.99, but it is unlikely that any non-Japanese Victoria's Secret store sold them. There were five bears in the set: Potte Mouth (former Dwarf Bear), Toilette Talk (former Sunshine Bear), Dirty Word (former Star Shooter Bear), Bare Beer (former Frown Bear), and Espresso who was the basis of the later Ursa-Migos. Only one bear has surfaced, Potte Mouth, but the other Tedde Bears are all mentioned on packaging which will not be pictured to scandalosity. All Happi Bears were meant to be marketed toward adults since adults having toys was "Totally Trendey" according to the scandaloso section of Happi Bears packaging, but the company Ξ±βˆ‚Ο…β„“Ρ‚ нαρριηΡss decided to make these bears more 18+ by adding sound gimmicks. The sound gimmicks, including non-speaking sounds, can be said in the following five languages: American English, X-tra Dirty English, British English, Australian English, and Asian Accent English.

Packaging information: The Happi Bears live in Flush-a-Lot and love expressing their passion - being naughty! If you feel alone for liking Tedde Bears, our market of teddy bears with ******* sound gimmicks, be assured that toys, especialley Happi Bears, are Totally Trendey! Always be sure ***** that **** besides including varying uses of **** ***** during time of *******. ***** and ***** the rest of ****** ***** *** *****! ****!

Packaging of Happi Bears also gave a brief descriptione of each bareachter.

Potte Mouth: says 44+ profane euphemisms in 5+ languages and loves to potty party.

Toilette Talk: blinks or says one of 8+ popular adult phrases in 5+ languages when squeezed on the eyes.

Dirty Word: makes noises resembling weapon use and says an adult word in 5+ languages.

Bare Beer: drinks and wets when swallowing beer liquides and gulps beer in 5+ languages.

Espresso: alarms you in 5+ languages at five random times at night to force you to drink coffee.

The packaging also had many warnings in which some involve Happi Bears and others are forceful life choices: do not own while pregnant, do not own while under the age of 18, do not buy in the USA, do not stack, do not own if you have cancer, do not eat the Happi Bear, do not eat, do not drink liquids without alcohol, do not read warnings in store, do not buy your children cars, do not own while in a hospital, do not discard, and twenty-three other warnings which are two explicit to mention.

The unauthorized franchise Ξ±βˆ‚Ο…β„“Ρ‚ нαρριηΡss ultimately was banned from 23 countries before early 1980 and therefore died, bringing the unreleased Happi Bears with them. American Greetings was shooketh and decided to steal Ξ±βˆ‚Ο…β„“Ρ‚ нαρριηΡss's brand by deforming the Happi Bears and calling them Happy Bears (the word happy was later changed to care so that it would rhyme with the sister brand Core Boars which formerly was called **** Boars, another property of Ξ±βˆ‚Ο…β„“Ρ‚ нαρριηΡss).

Err Bears: 1981-1988

Screenshot 2018-04-28 at 5.08.13 PM

The err (pronounced "care") bears

Err Bears is a term for extremely interesting Care Bears with two or more originalities (errs). The seven bears shown here are the only known Err Bears that ever existed; each represents a dwarf. It is unknown whether this was intentional by Kannar, but each bear has a MAJOR similarity to a dwarf. Picture is courtesy of BeeFeed, who decided to buy all of these bears for a wop-ing over $10 bucks.

Lucky Err Bear:

  • Errs: Special leg, yellow tummy cymbal
  • Selling price: $139.49
  • Dated: 1988
  • Similar Dwarf: Dopey because they are both greenish
  • Additional info: Lucky Err Bear was produced as a template/design bear for the DOT exclusive Ursa Muerte. It was made from typical Lucky materials, but the tummy cymbal was made yellow to represent death. The final Ursa Muerte was quite different, being made from a No Heart bear.

Shoot Err Bear:

  • Errs: One missing eye, Sleppy Bear's eyes
  • Selling price: $49.99
  • Dated: 1983
  • Similar Dwarf: Doc because because they both could involve doctors
  • Additional info: Shoot Err Bear may just be a poor condition bear with a re-installed eye.

Sunshine the Filter Bear:

  • Errs: Missing eye, pinked face, pinked tummy cymbal
  • Selling price: $189.99
  • Dated: 1987
  • Similar Dwarf: Happy because they both have happy personalities
  • Additional info: Sunshine, along with Beauty Care and Sleppy, was going to be released for the fourth Care Bears movie. However, Sunshine was supposed to be completely pink-tan, rather than having a pink face-filter.

Dwarf Err Bear:

  • Errs: Missing eye, blue muzzle, happy face
  • Selling price: $129.99
  • Dated: 1982
  • Similar Dwarf: Grumpy because they are similar and grampies
  • Additional info: This is a prototype version of Dwarf Bear from 1982, before Care Beers were released. The olden days/former version of Dwarf Bear was called Cloud Bear, often knick-knack-named Clev Bear by Care-ers. Only 64 zoo lane of the Clev Bear/Dwarf Err Bear variant exist.

Sleppy the Filter Bear

  • Errs: Pink body, head, and right arm, different eye pose
  • Selling price: $253.49
  • Dated: 1987
  • Similar Dwarf: Sleepy because they both prefer slepp over awake
  • Additional info: Sleppy the Filter Bear is another known filter bear based on the direct to Blu-ray/DVD only unreleased The Care Bears Adventure to Flashes McLashes movie. Instead of being the normal blue, Sleppy is partly pink, thouever, Sleppy was ACTUALLY meant to be completely pink in this variation! Sleppy has a new eye pose to match insta-slvibes.

Chimp Err Bear

  • Errs: Missing eye and nose
  • Selling price: $4.99
  • Dated: 1985
  • Similar Dwarf: Bashful because they both are ful of themselves
  • Additional info: Due to the high price, it is very unlikely that it is just a bad-qual bear. Rather than Super Bowl, it is referred to as Chimp (Err) Bear because of the amount of thyme it takes to write "Super Bowl" compared to "Chimp" (because of time).

Have a Heart the Filter Bear

  • Errs: Missing eyes, red nose, and redhead
  • Selling price: $355.59
  • Dated: 1981
  • Similar Dwarf: Sneezy because they both have weird noses
  • Additional info: Have a Heart (erred) is not just known for having filters (she is not a filter bear). She was sold to BeeFeed on Red Nose Day because she has a red nose! In fact, she was made back in 1981 for the Red Nose Day before it even existed! Red Nose Day is a holiday where people celebrate wealth and being wealthy.

Concept Bears: 1982

Screenshot 2018-04-25 at 11.46.15 AM

As seen to the right, Care Beers originally were more bass and had entirely black eyes. A number (1) of concept art bears exist, thoughsoever, none were ever made into plush pusheen dolls. The concept bears are best known for lacking white fur around their tummyz.

Core Boars: 1982-1983

c. 1982 || Core Boars are the original scrapped idea for Care Bear Zoos. The only known photographs were taken inside of the Kenner Factory of Child-Labor. There are three known Core Boars, Ele-Boar, Love Boar, and Bunniboar.

Core Boars

Core Boar on the leftmostest side of the image courtesy of Kenner Factory of Labor is Ele-Boar. Ele-Boar sports a mauvegenta fleshtone and a glow-in-the-green tummy cymbal. There are three ele-boars known, and the only difference is one has a casette tape inside of it from the unreleased movie "Meet the Core Boars," featuring two of the three songs "Meet Them" and "It Is Good and Important to Say Goodbye." The casette sadly was broken by a lady who is speculated to be the shishtar of the famed liberty statue climber, but the songs may still exist somewhere over the rainbow.

Love Boar is the mittlemost Core Boar. Her legs are the least thicc of the Boars seen from the pictures courtesy of the factory. Her color is described chucked-orangegreen on her backtag. From all of the pictures, she is the only boar with only one version known since it note "should have been scrapped before the beginning."

The last Core Boar is the Bunniboar. This is the 0NLY unnamed Core Boar, as its backtag just says "Boar Type: Bunniboar." There are two variants known of unnamed Bunniboar, and the one shown in the image is the version stuffed with the extremely rare Elmer's Fluffy 'Glue' which is toxic to children according to tests done by the Factory of Child-Labor.

FuN FaCTs nO OnE kNoWs: Did you know that the song from Ever After Monster High called "Rotten to the Core" was based on the unreleased Core Boars theme song "Fruity to the P'tootie?" Who knew!

The Care Bears of Strawberry Land: 1984-1985

Screenshot 2018-04-25 at 8.16.59 PM

Strawbeary Shortcake


Bluebeary Muffin

Screenshot 2018-07-17 at 4.29.18 PM

Plumbeary Puddin'

A series of Kenner Toys that only survives in prototypes. These are Care Bears poseable figures and plushies that are based on Strawberry Shortcake characters. The known poseable figures are Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Plum Puddin', and a potentially new character Lemon Chiffon. As plushies, only Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Blossom are known. This line was going to be released exclusively to Toys R Us (rip) in 1984/5, but the store did not accept them. The slogan "They smell bearly delicious" that was on the packaging of all toys was disturbing, and therefore Kenner was not allowed to sell these toys.

Rejected Care Bear Cousins: 1985

Color Heart Cat

Color Heart Cat, a rejected Care Bear Cousin

The Rejected Care Bear Cousins are an '*'*'*OFFISHULLY RECOGNIZED*'*'*' group of bearachters and zoos who appear in a single episode of Care Bearachters, "It's Chrumpy Time!" Though there are both bears and zoos, the zoos are the most major, therefore not being called Rejected Care Bears. They are also known as "LuvZoos." Contrary to unpopular belief, ALL of the Rejected Care Bear Cousins were made into plush toys in which a maximum of 19 exists of each reject.

STORIE OF THE REJECTED CARE BEAR COUSINS: Char-a-lotte was far too small for all the care beers and zoos to live in, so about half of them were rejected from Char-a-lotte and forced to live on a faraway cloud that holds a stage and the extra few-hundred Hall of Hearts Care Chairsβ„’. Besides the stage and HOHCCβ„’, these not caring enough careacters own nothing and presumably were eaten by the Cloud Worm (or the villain, pieman) in the unreleased Cloud Worm Movie of the nineties.

Name Tummy Symbol Color Image
Connect Heart Bear Connected Indigo Hearts Lavender
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.25.56 AM
Card Heart Dog Pink Card with Heart Blue
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.26.03 AM
Diamond Heart Bear Yellow Card with Diamond Yellow
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.26.11 AM
Green Heart Sheep White Space Green
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.30.26 AM
Spoon Heart Pig Blue Heart-Shaped Spoon Yellow
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.32.16 AM
Bluebow Heart Lion Pink Heart and Blue Rainbow Brown
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.34.39 AM
Envelope Heart Lion Blue Envelope and Pink Heart Orange
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.35.46 AM
Exclamation Heart Pig Coral Exclamation Point Rose
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.37.52 AM
Light Heart Raccoon Golden Candelabra Violet
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.38.51 AM
Weight Heart Elephant Blue Weight Blue
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.38.57 AM
Color Heart Cat Blue Rainbow White
Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.39.04 AM
High Heart Raccoon Yellow Up Arrow Lavender
Star Heart Rabbit Yellow Star Necklace Brown
Swift Heart Cat Red Heart with Wings Brown
Constellation Heart Penguin Yellow Star Constellation Violet
Cake Heart Pig Yellow Cake with Pink Frosting Rose
Noble Heart Cat Violet Heart and Yellow Star Lavender
Constellation Heart Raccoon Four Pink Hearts Violet
Drive Heart Lamb Light Blue Tire Grey
Rain Heart Dog Blue Heart-Cloud and Rain Blue
Bloom Heart Monkey Yellow Flower and Heart Brown
Ice Heart Penguin Blue Ice Cube Indigo
Connect Heart Zoo Connected Pink Hearts Green
Tender Heart Zoo Red Heart Cyan
Noble Heart Raccoon Yellow Heart and Star Lavender
White Heart Rabbit ? White
Orange Heart Dog ? Orange
Bubble Heart Bear Red Wand and White Holder Blue
Gentle Heart Lion Pink Heart with Lace Yellow
Brave Heart Pig Red Heart and Crown Rose
Love Heart Lamb Two Red Hearts Grey
Earth Heart Raccoon Green Tree and Pink Heart Lavender
Orange Heart Zoo ? Orange
Rose Heart Bear Red Rose and Green Leaves Green
Fly Heart Bear Two Pink Balloons Orange
Lovehearts Heart Bear Pink and Red Hearts Green

Love Bears: 1985-1988

These are real fakies who appear in backrounds of lame episodes of the "CARE BEER FAMLY." To be confused with the Rejected Care Bears and Cousins.

Bea Bears: 1987

Rare bears in which all pictures of them are considered 'gram rares. No Bea Bear ever pictured is a completed Care Bear, thoughsoever. They are called "Bea Bears" because the word "bear" is spelled "bea" on their boxes. They often had futuristic tummy cymbals.

Will You? Love Bears: 1988


The two "NO" options of Will You? Love Bears

Similar to the Love Bears as well as the Pregnancy Reveal bootlegs, Will You? Love Bears are knock-off Care Beers in the style of Love Bears (not confusing at all). These bears originally came in packs of five (supsosdeadly), but only the two shown have surfaced. A 12 year old boy would say "will u liek me?" and then show the bears to his 13 year old (to be or not to be girlfriend) friend who is a girl, and his friend who is a girl would choose whichever one had the right inscription on its tummy for their relationship. Here are the five bears in order from "I do" to "I never":

Will You? Frown Knockoff - The Frown Bear knockoff's tummy inscription stated "I like you! I like you!"

Will You? Sunshine Knockoff - The Sunshine Bear knockoff's tummy inscription stated "I'll like you 'til the sun dies"; however, some promotional images said "I'll like you 'til the sun don't shine," but that line was controversial.

Will You? Shoot Knockoff - The Shoot Bear knockoff's tummy inscription stated "Let's stay friends for now."

Will You? Havahart Knockoff - The Havahart Bear knockoff's tummy inscription stated "I have to say no... but thanks for asking." Rare prototype bears from Finland have the inscription "I have to say no, because you don't have a heart...HAVE A HEART ALREADY *****!" These were not sold legally. There is even a SUPERARE Will You? Love Bear made from a Havahart Love Bear whose inscription says "I have to say no, but Spike Got Wings."

Will You? Acquaintance Knockoff - The Acquaintance Bear knockoff's tummy inscription stated "NO, but there are many fish in the sea." Alternatively, rather than having the same inscription shown on the legit pusheen, all promotional images read this poem: "I'm gonna say no, we ain't meant to be, I won't be your friend, find another fish in the sea. Or be like a fish, a couple years old, and be alone forever, your heart won't be sold." Thoughsoevertheneverly, this poem was deemed to inappropriate for the average-age couple (12/13).

Ursa-Migos: 1989

Screenshot 2018-04-25 at 12.26.49 PM

From left to right: Ursa Craneo, Ursa Muerte, and Esperoso

Ursa-Migos were Care Bears produced exclusively in Australia for the Day of the Dead in 1989. All three were made from No Heart Bears, and none of them exist anymore as they were burned.

Left: Four Ursa Craneos were produced, three of which were burned in 2009. The other has been lost and presumably was burned back in 1990, but no documents state so. This bear's name in English is "Body Bear."

Middle: Only two of Ursa Muerte were produced; the one shown here was never completed. The other Ursa Muerte bear had pitch black fur, but it also had no tummy symbol. Both were burned in 2009. This bear's name in English is "Death Bear."

Right: Esperoso, also called Esperoso Ursa, was only produced once. It was burned in 2018 due to its plain existence as a DOT Dead-Bear. This bear's name in English is "Hopeless Bear" although it doesn't even slightly translate to that.


For the 2018 Day of the Dead (the first year in which no original Ursa-Migos survived), Repro Ursa-Migos were created. However, they were updated and now have slightly new vibes.

Environmental Bears: 1991

These are EARTHY DAY exclusives for TOYS PURPOSES. They are BETTER than all other caring bears, and that's their marketing campaign.

GloZoos: 1999

Screenshot 2018-05-17 at 9.41.08 AM

All six GloZoos.

GloZoos are plush Care Beer Zoos with the ability to glow-in-the-black. The official slogan of GloZoos stated "GLOW-IN-THE-BLACK ZOOS ARE NEW," but sadly thoughsoever, their release was cancelled. Glozooever, a large amount exist that were sold on Yìqù from a place of fear. They were made from a place of fear as well by the company Mattel in 1999, but various companies murdered Mattel's chance of selling them because of legal issues, suing Mattel for $13.5 M on behalf of the GloZoos. Here are all the GloZoos:

Glow-in-the-black Beak Penguin - A GloZoo who has the ability to glow in her beak. Acid, however, leaks out easily from the beak, so parental supervision (parents must be 15+) is required. The beak of GITBBP also can turn green easily, but cleaning her is the worst idea ever as bleach will be released during washing.

Elvis Glow-in-the-Tiger - An unofficial tribute to Elvis Presley, this tiger came with black streaks of hair to match the King of Pop-a-troll. EGITT's belly glows to remind people that belly piercings aren't Amish and will leave your tummy blue.

Glowin' Ears Swifferabbit - As one of the more controversial GloZoos, Glowin' Ears Swifferabbit's name was banned due to the brand Swiffer being mad and flury. Also, GES's ears are completely stiff and filled with many thin wires, so if the ears are bent at all, electrical power will be released onto a people.

Glowfoot Bigfoot - With a squished up face that is unreminiscent to the preceding Tonsa, GB toys have feet that glow. Like other GloZoos, acid can easily be released; often just by touching a Glowfoot Bigfoot toy, green slyme will leak out.

Batter Racon - The most aproposh GloZoo is Batter Racon who requires three batteries that MUST be an uncommon, untested, untrusted, encrusted, specific, name-brand brand of batteries from a place of fear. When using those batteries, there is an approximate chance of 23% that BR will glow; it is rather unlikely for Batter(y) Racon to glow as most batteries like that are really just miniature gu

Glow-in-the-blackface-Sheepy - Often considered to be an example of racism, GITBS has an unlucky misspelling in her name. The company could've chosen to called then "Glow-in-the-Dark" rather than "Glow-in-the-Black," but either way, they decided to merge the words "black" and "face." This is peculiarly true, thoughsoever. Though the face is supposed to glow, it turns pitch black when acid is released by puncturing the face with a needle. Another controversy is that Sheepy doesn't have any eyes. More controversial? Sheepy was originally called Glow-in-the-black Eyes Sheepy since her eyes were meant to glow. FUN FACT: Sheepy is the only GloZoo who has been the cause of dea

Party Bears: 2017


Party Bears is a brand name of the most recent generation of Care Bears, referring only to the six "core" boars. These bears include Tune Bear, Big Bear, Dwarf Bear, Here Comes the Bear, Scear (pronounced "care") Bear, and Purple Heart Bear.

Tune Bear is famous for helping adults of all ages realize that the world is out of tune! Her stomach sticker, formerly called a ballet (pronounced "bal-ee") badge, is a dead flour because flours represent melody. Tune Bear's element of caring is growing as she encourages adults of all ages to grow up to fast like a flower that dies (her stomach sticker).

Big Bear is the largest Care Bear for many reasons! Big (pronounced bih-guh) Bear does not celebrate differences since she has a big attitude, and she'll only be nice to you if you are 1000+ pounds and happy. Although a medium-sized Big Bear is shown in this promotional image, she was only released in the size Big. Big Bear's stomach sticker was recycled from a retired Care Bear's, and her element of caring is being. Rather than growing like Tune Bear, Big agrees to agree that being big is better than growing big.

Dwarf Bear, though not even similar at all to one of Snow White's dwarfs, is very grumpy. Like Cozy Heart Penguin, he is younger than Hugs and Tugs, and he doesn't have a stomach sticker yet. Being a rebel, Dwarf Bear chooses not to wear a diaper, but upcoming 2018 Dwarf Bears will wear permapanties. As seen on his garments, he wants his stomach sticker to be a duckie, and he will be mad if his stomach sticker isn't a duckie which is why his element of caring is madison.

Here Comes the Bear has no personality except for being a plushie. As one of the three Face-ur-Fears bears, Here Comes the Bear helps little kids stop being afraid of the dark by being a permanent night light because that makes perfect sense. Kids get to see Here Comes the Bear all night long with her subtle face and glonous stomach sticker. Here Comes the Bear's stomach sticker is advertised as "meant to be a sun, but once seen as something else cannot be unseen," and her element of penny candy caring is wisefulness. The name "Here Comes the Bear" is stolen from a song by ABBA called "Here Comes the Moon," but rather than being called "Here Comes the Moon Bear," the word moon is skipped as her stomach sticker looks a bit more like a word that was not allowed to be used.

Scear Bear is a bear who comes all the way from the Gloomy Glen. Scear Bear is another Face-ur-Fears bear and helps humanoids be less afraid of trypophobia-inducing things by inducing trypophobia. Scear Bear's stomach sticker is trypophobia, and Scear has a lotus pod implanted in her back. Her element of caring is popping as she enjoys popping bubbles, pimples, and popping her joints out of place.

Purple Heart Bear, rather than being about war and the military, revolves around a relationship known as "Hannie," pronounced huh-nee. Purple hearts are often called "Hannie Hearts" c because they are associated with the ship Hannie. Purple Heart is the last of three Face-ur-Fears bears, and the fear that she encourages everyone to face is heartbreak by breaking up with someone! Purple Heart Bear's stomach sticker features two purple hearts in which each member of Hannie has their own heart (they don't get to share a heart because Purple Heart Break celebrates breakups and never life). Purple Heart Bear's element of caring is kayden, the kameganaganapahenakanen translation of the word snakes.

Foreign Bearachters


Care Bears in Argentina were generally similar to Unitedstatesofamerican Care Bears, but all of the Argentinian Care Bears were completely different characters. They were released in two sets - Esperanza Osos (literally "Hope Bears," the phrase that the Australian DOTD Bear Esperoso's name derives from) and Cuidado Mundo de los Animales (literally "Care World of Animals").

Hope Bears

‘Únete a la esperanza de un viaje mÑgico para transmitir sentimientos a los niños de todo el mundo!

Join the hope of a magical journey to convey feelings to children around the world!

Hope Bears include: Bondad Oso (Goodness Bear), DΓ­a Soleado Oso (Sunny Day Bear), Lluvioso Oso (Rainy Bear), Perfecto Rosa Oso (Perfect Pink Bear), Sentimientos Oso (Feelings Bear), and Zumbido Oso (Buzz Bear). All of these bears were also released in Chile, but the Chile variants are all the same color, skintone.

Care World of Animals

Β‘Los Osos de la Esperanza se han embarcado en un viaje mΓ‘s grande de sol y arco iris para conocer nuevos amigos salvajes y dar un sentimiento de peluche al mundo!

The Bears of Hope have embarked on a larger journey of sun and rainbows to meet new wild friends and give the world a plush feeling!

The Care World of Animals includes: Fuerte CorazΓ³n LeΓ³n (Strong Heart Lion), Pandereta CorazΓ³n Ballena (Tambourine Heart Whale), Salvaje de corazΓ³n Lobo (Wild Heart Wolf), and Suave del CorazΓ³n Llama (Soft Heart Llama). Of these four, Tambourine Heart Whale is the most sought after as it's "whale-like" face is a little bit off. Not literally off, but... off. You got that? Okay. Otherwise your finna have a real hard time tryna read this book. Because of it not looking as much like a Care Bear as the others, only about four are known to still exist while there are at least one-hundred left of the others.


Egyptian Care Bears were produced by an unauthorized company yet have been considered genuine by all Kenner factorees. In Egypt, there are no bears, and since the interweb was atypical then, no Egyptian had any idea of what a bear looked like. All they had was the materials sent to them illegally from Kenner as well as some dangerous equipment which they would use to create the bears. However, the Egyptians eventually spoke with Abi Huahm Wannigan, a one-hundred--year-old who had seen an African bear ninety-seven years prior, before it went extinct. Abi gave them a basic idea of what he thought a bear might have looked like, and the end result had body proportions greatly resembling the Tyrannosaurus Rex (note the undeveloped arms).

As it is Egyptian tradiption, the workers at the unauthorized company used hieroglyphical names for each bearachter. There were three bears released - π“Žπ“…’ (Walking Stork, a variation of Sunshine Bear), π“„’π“ƒœ (Feather Wildebeest, a variation of Lucky Bear), and 𓇼𓄙 (Star Stomper, a variation of Shoot Bear). There was also a technically unreleased bearachter called 𓏒 (Bandage, a variation of Love-a-Lot), and although it was never released in stores, the Bandage toy is by far the most common. Egyptian Care Bears are best known for having unnecessarily neon tummy symbols, which inspired the only non-promotional Egyptian Care Bears song, "It's Necessare to Care." Despite being cheapo quality, Egyptian Care Bears have a feature that is unexistent on typical Care Bears - flocked eyes. All Egyptian Care Bears are numbered 1-500, and as of now, there are 37 remaining Walking Storks, 58 remaining Feather Wildebeests, 19 remaining Star Stompers, and 326 remaining Bandages. Each Egyptian Care Bear was packaged in a "pyramid box" with a cassette tape of an original Egyptian Care Bears song. The songs are as follows: "Walk Like an Ancient Egyptian" (Walking Stork), "Tickle My Heart" (Feather Wildebeest), "Become a Star in the Sky" (Star Stomper), and "You Don't Gotta Fix Your Heart" (Bandage).





Movie Summaries

This is a short list of movie summaries of Care Bears movies - revised largely and concisely from their corresponding Wikipedia plot summaries.

  • Care-bears-movie-smile-meme-57cfd0f834012

    Oh NO

    Care Bears 1 - Don't Care About Anything: This movie is about a storybook read by a sorcerer. Storybook tells orphan kiddos that storybook orphan kiddos don't care about anything. The Care Bears make the orphan kiddos care and sing a song about the Zoo with the Zoos La Patrol (a singing chorus including cousins calling along with Jason's vocals). Young sorcerer Nick still wants to kill caring in the world so the Care Bears kill his mother, the Melting Witch (spirit). Nick moves on to live with his sorcerer father, Mr. Rigatoni, and the orphan kiddos Kimberly and Jason are adopted. The storybook ends, and old Nick the Sorcerer has married Kimberly Fairyhood in which both were part of the storybook; Jason either died or became an X Factor contestant.
  • Lltk

    The "LONG LIVE THE KiNG!" scene from If You Have Ever Cared.

    Care Bears 2 - If You Have Ever Cared: Beginning as a prequel to Don't Care About Anything, the Care Bears' mommy TRU (Toys 'R' Us) Heart and daddy Nobel Prize Horsey are introduced. They are tattooed by Big Star after encountering sorcerer Bloodheart, and they move to a place where the baby Care Bears "paint" flying colors of the wind. Eventually, the couple divorces, each taking custody of 10+ bears/zoos. A time lapse occurs during the song "Growing Old," and then the storyline is adjusted so that it replaced the first movie's canonicalness. Meanwhile, Bloodheart falls in love with Regina George (now known as "Kristy"), and Kristy's rhyming friends PteranoDawn and PteranoJohn become sick of her. Kristy helps Bloodheart play a game of disappearing beers. The beers eventually disa-bear and become part of a chandelier. However, doing so causes Bloodheart to kill his girlfriend. A "We Care" protocol occurs in which Bloodheart marries the now-alive Kristy. The movie ends with the last two living bearachters, Harmony Beer and the Lion King, cruising to a romantic song.
  • Care Bears 3 - Ally and the Pickled Beets: A borefest that is generally, generously, genetically, and genuinely unwatchable.


Here is a short list of the songs used in the Care Beers franchise, excluding the "We Care" protocol which is untilted. Lyrics to each song will also be provided. Only songs from the first two films will be used as "Toy Story 3 - Ally" doesn't have music that is scandalous enough. *Warning: all Care Bears songs are toxic*

Before understanding the lyrics, it is crucial to understand the background of each song:

  • Charlotte: Charlotte, sung by Queen Carole I, is the opening theme of Care Bears 1 - Don't Care About Anything as well as the theme song of Care-a-Lot's Web the book. It is about the existence of Care-a-Lot, the sky-city that overlooks the earth-city of Charlotte in North Dakota, U.K. The vibe of the song is peppy and adventurously exciting as shown by Carole Queen I's voice (her legit last name is Queen).
  • Nobody Cares (Like a Prayer): Though credited as Madonna, it is unknown who sings this song. This song's purpose in the movie was to teach the orphan kiddos that nobody cares. The "like a prayer" line in the title is never sung in the song, but nobody cares.
  • House: House is the third song from Care Bears 1 - Don't Care About Anything, and it is sung by Jason, a character whose voice actor is unknown due to the nature of the song. Un-credited singers and talkers include the voice actors and actresses of The Lion King, Lazy Money, Acquaintance Bear, and orphan kiddo Kimmie. This song is well known for the line "Friend Bear, you are a cloud" as Acquaintance Bear is given the wrong name. The meaning (warning: it is dark) is that you should bee on Acquaintance Bear's nose yourself.
  • Don't Try to Care: Don't Try to Care is a super carnivorous song about being vulnerable. Sung by the voice actors of Tonsa (credited as "Company") and the credited The Lion King, it is about the food chain of animals living in Africa. Exported animals (a pig, a cat, a dog, and a sheep) are all cousincalled by the two singing zoos, and Tonsa and The Lion King eat them. Ultimately, Tonsa is eaten by The Lion King (see Africa).
  • Villain Wants to Hurt You: This is a short chant/anthem spoken by the "Company (of Voice Actors for the Care Bears Protocol)β„’." It is about attempting to destroy a sorcerer (unsuccessfully, thoughsonevertheever.)
  • The Fam: The Fam is a toxic fan-made song used at the end of the first Care Beers film. It was mainly sung by The Gossip, but at least one member of the Company participated as well. This song's main message which is the message of the entire film is Buy Our Toys.
  • Hello: Hello, a rather weak opener to Care Bears 2: If You Have Ever Cared, was written by Carol W. H. T. Parklyn in the style of Celine Dion. Inspired by the futuristic "Hello" by Adele (definitely not inspired by Rich Lion's "Hello" since it was made before the movie), it has a very gothbasic vibe which has been used in less-popular films such as It. It also samples another futuristic song which will not be named due to controversy relating to the |-/ clique \-|. This song is played during a scene in which TRU Heart and Nobel Prize become pirates.
  • Colors of the Me: This is a song from Disney that is sung by Airhead and his Logical Companyβ„’. This song is all about bee on Acquaintance Bear's noseing yourself and having a colorful personality that will help you pass ever test with flying colors. However, it has a hidden meaning: nobody likes [Care Bears], and everybody lied to [Grumpy Bear].
  • Screenshot 2018-05-16 at 1.37.19 PM

    PteranoDawn and Melanie

    Diaper Me: Despite looking like a cute scene in which the Beers and Zoos are babies, Diaper Me is actually about child labor. This song is sung by the voice actors who are referred to as the Pterosaurs in the film, and uncredited vocals in the background are the voices of the Carettes. The whole song is based on the 50s bop style in which oo-wee-oos are used in the background for additional amounts of vibe. This song was sampled in the twenty-first century by Melanie Martinez with her song Dollhouse because they are exactly the same. It's so obvious.
  • Growing Old: Growing Old is an indirect reference to being scarred for life. It is sung by a random old person who is not a Care Beer, Zoo, or a people. In all simplicity, Random Old Person teaches kids that their lives are over once they are scarred for life by FNaF.
  • Take Back My Life Song: An 80s mashup of "Mickey" and "Fight Song," this song is written by the Cheer Squad, a group of random people from The Companyβ„’. This song is all about The One Where The Care Bears Sing a Knock-Off Clapping Song. It is not catchy and it's most major vibes are war, peace, sorcerers, notcatchyness, and war.
  • Fountain of You(th): The most harp warming song from the Care Bears franchise is sung by Music Bear, the only named Love Bear whose voice actress is W. H. T. Parklyn. Juliet Music Bear sings this song about The Lion King, Romeo, who later dies mid-song. Music Bear sings about "drinking from the fountain of youth" which means becoming young by means of a sorcerer's majik. MB Juliet encourages LK Romeo to drink from the fountain of you(th), but he dies before it is possible. Because of this, Music drinks from his fountain, implying that she is a cannibal. The line beginning with "Hello, how far, how far did you go?" was removed from the final recording because it was too childish.

Care Bears 1 - Don't Care About Anything

Charlotte - Queen Carole I

Char-a-lotte is a place made out of snow

It is very basic

Char-a-lotte is a feeling we all know

When we become sick

Sometimes you feel like a nut

Sometimes you don't

Let's sit in a circle and talk about feelings

Because feelings are just you

Char-a-lotte is as real as leprechauns

And De-bor-ah's fairy

Char-a-lotte has a colorful 'nality

I created LOL


North Dakota,

United Kingdom,

We Care

Nobody Cares (Like a Prayer) - Madonna

All you need to know is that nobody cares

Nobody cares, nobody cares

Nobody cares, not even a bear

When you think that nobody cares

Nobody cares, nobody cares

Nobody cares that you think nobody cares

House - Jason

Do you have a place where rainbows grow?

To make a bear fall from the ceiling

Well I have a rock that doesn't grow

It crushes the forest of feelings

Do you have a house made all out of wood?

For keeping you dry when it's raining




Oh no! There's a bee on Acquaintance Bear's nose

I know, I'll eat it!

No, Lazy Money, you'll hurt yourself

Nobody asked you, Kimmie

Friend Bear, you are a cloud

Nobody asked you, Kimmie...



Your home has a heart (have a heart already!)

Your home has a heart (it really does?)

Your home has a heart (but I don't!)

Your home is your heart

Don't Try to Care - The Lion King & Company

*roar and snort*





*carnival and carnivorous music*

Villain Wants to Hurt You - Company

Oh no! Villain wants to hurt you!

Oh no! Sorcerer wants to hurt you!

Oh no! Magician wants to hurt you!

Oh no! Wizard wants to hurt you!

Oh no! Villain wants to hurt you!

Oh no! Kidnapper wants to hurt you!

Oh no! Demon wants to hurt you!

Oh no! Grinch wants to hurt you!

The Fam - The Gossip & Company

(spoken) It's a happy ending to our storybook! Let's party!


It's great to be teddies

In the fam

It's great to be teddies

In the fam

(spoken) It's great to buy all the Care Bear fam teddies!

Care Bears 2 - If You Have Ever Cared

"Hello" - Carol W. H. T. Parklyn

Spoken: Hello, it's me

I used to call you

On your landline 360

I wish we could turn back time

To them days

If you wish in yourself

We will believe more moments

*lackluster beat drop*

I like storybooks

But you have to keep turning

I used to care for you

But they who will do it better... (in scary misty voice: the pteranasours)

I say hello for the last time

Spoken: Hello! And bye to good!
  • Note: The end of the song was going to have "Misty Voice" say 'bye' but that was too scary for even adults so it stayed as "Bye to good."

"Colors of the Me" - Airhead's Logical Company

I can fly with all the colors of the me, so say hi

Isn't this the perfect song to hear before you die?

You know that I'm selfish, I'm feelings, I'm you

So let my colors cast a sleeping spell upon you

I'm Sunshine Bear and I waddle across rocks

Proud Heart Cat is too selfish to speak

Wish Bear pretends that you're only just a dream

And Bright Heart Raccoon is logically

I can fly with all the colors of the me, so say hi

Isn't this the perfect song to hear before you die?

You know that I'm selfish, I'm feelings, I'm you

So let my colors cast a sleeping spell upon you

I'm Cheer Bear and I'm pink

I'm Grumpy Bear and my feelings are you and blue

Do you like me?

I like you, I like you!

Do you like-

I like you, I like you!

Do you-

I like you, I like you!

Does anybody lie to me?

Everybody lied to you!

I can fly with all the colors of the me, so say hi

Isn't this the perfect song to hear before you die?

You know that I'm selfish, I'm feelings, I'm you

So let my colors cast a sleeping spell upon you

So let my colors cast a sleeping spell upon you

"Diaper Me" - The Pterosaurs

I care for you

If you're lucky I'll change your diaper too (oo-wee-oo)

To share with you

Is sharing germs and that is not good for you (not good for you)

I'll share with you because I care for you

And if you're lucky

And if you're lucky

And if you're Lucky the elf

I'll change your diaper too (oo-wee-oo-wee-ooo)

"Growing Old" - Random Old Person

Feelings, are just you feeling

Like Christmastime, and love that you gave away

This year to save me, from tears I'll give it

Away to someone special who has feelings too

Growing old is something you remember

'Til you are an all-timer

Being young is something that's forgotten

But life is done when you've grow-en old

Life is done when you've grow-en old

"Take Back My Life Song" - Cheer Squad

(spoken) Come on everyone!

(spoken) This is the song that everyone knows!

I'll be there for you (clap-clap-clap-clap-clap)

'Cause I've still got the love of my life to meet!

Char-a-lotte, North Dakota! (clap-clap-clap)

Char-a-lotte, North Dakota! (clap-clap-clap)

We care, we care!

We care, we care! (clap-clap-clap)

We care, we care!

We char-a-lotte! (clap-clap-clap)

"Fountain of You(th)" - Music Bear to The Lion King/LK's Spirit

Hello, may

I ask how old are you?

Aging well is gone

And love... is gone as well

It always will!

Wish on a star

For aging opposite

The fountain will be filled

Come to the fountain of you!

My special friend

Do you play the kazoo?

If not, then who are you?!

The sun will burn your wings

It always will!

A little star

Will soon be gone from you

No longer will you be

But come to the fountain of you!

*dramatic key change*

Hello, may

I ask how old are you?

The fountain will be filled

Come to the fountain of you!

*fast forward 10 years*

Remember me?

I just forgot your smile

You've been gone for a while

I drink from the fountain of you

The fountain of you

Is all that's left of you

The fountain of you... (th)

Sick Care Bears

Here are the names of the Care Bears and Zoos - Sick (English to Spanish to Italian to Chinese to Korean to English). Only bears and zoos with different names will be listed, neverthesoever.

Original '10'

  • Bear Bear
  • Bear Cheering
  • Gentle Bear
  • Good Luck
  • I Wish the Bear
  • Make Friends
  • Sleeping Bear
  • Sunshine Bear

Later 6

  • A Secret Bear
  • Baby Hug Bear
  • Baby Tug Bear
  • Champion Bear
  • Sharing Bear
  • Sion

Zoos Team '11'

Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 9.50.14 PM

A pig that heals the heart.

  • A Brave Lion
  • A Faithful Dog
  • A Pig That Heals the Heart
  • A Proud Cat
  • Cheerful Heart Monkey
  • Glossy Raccoon
  • Heart of Noble Words
  • Rosa Hart Elephant
  • Sweet Lamb in Heart

The Europite '7'

  • A Real Bear
  • Bear Care
  • Dream Bear
  • Forests Friends Bear
  • Harmonious Bear
  • Surprised Bear

Ugly Care Bears

Here are the names of the Care Bears and Zoos - Ugly (English to Ukrainian to German to Latin to Yiddish to English). Only bears and zoos with different names will be listed, muchestsoever.

Tumblr mcdmy9TMuQ1r4qtp6

And I, Wherever and Poor Bear being shipable

First '10'


From left to right: The Bears Hit, The Heart is Narrow, and Stupid Bear.

  • A Friend Bear
  • And I, Wherever
  • Fortunately, This is Thankful
  • Poor Bear
  • Shin Feng Bear
  • Stupid Bear
  • The Bears Hit
  • The Heart is Narrow
  • Today We Bear

Newbie 6

  • Baby Bear Hugs

    Our Bear and The Role of the Bear on a SKDATE

  • But Confidentiality
  • DunnerbΓ€r
  • Our Bear
  • The Role of the Bear
  • Towers Kimpet;

Lion Heart & his '10' Friends

  • Cats Proud Heart
  • Contact Heart Pork
  • D68b9b8902cc2a4e629eaac92d6e51a3

    The Foster Heart and The Fastest Heart (with The Dog Always Heart and Contact Heart Pork)

    Heart Bright Raccoon
  • Lion Heart Strong
  • Naughty Himelmelles
  • Nobility Entered the View of the Horse,
  • The Dog Always Heart
  • The Elephant is a Lot of Heart
  • The Fastest Heart
  • The Foster Heart

Ukaustralian '7'

  • A Friend Forest Bear
  • Bear
  • But Marine Friend
  • I Look
  • Marvel at Bear
  • The True Heart of the Bear
  • Today We Bear[1]


  1. ↑ Today We Bear was released a second time (as an altered eagle) because people liked the patriotic name.

List of Care Bears Episodes

The dainty eighteees time period was the host of double-caring amounts of seria for Care Bears (two seria). The first seria was beknoweth by the title of Bears while the following successor moreover was referred generously as the Care Fam Seria. Bears was produced by the nonexchangeable D.I.T. (do it together) seria-producer while comparatively the Care Fam Seria seria was exclusive decoded by the company Disney. The D.I.T. seria had a lacking montgomery of a singular season which was winter. In a brief contraction, the Disney seria lasted we do not speak of seasons which were spring, fall, and summer. The seasons fall and summer were the passage towards the demise of Care Bear seria as they featured witwchae. Here is a list of the episidodes from the surreptitious installments of Care Bears seriae:

Bears by D.I.T. - Winter

  • 1a. Camp Chimp
  • 1b. Partier Cardi
  • 2a. Bite Marks
  • 2b. Soccer Free
  • 3a. Cereal
  • 3b. A Pig That Heals the Heart
  • 4a. It's Chrumpy Thyme!
  • 4b. The Care Bears Save the Day (Play)!
  • 5a. The Care Bears Battle Another Freeze Machine
  • 5b. The Wizard of Oz
  • 6a. Head in the Clout
  • 6b. The Runaway Rainbow
  • 7a. Horse for a Day
  • 7b. The Night the Ghosts Came Out
  • 8a. A Little Mix of Black Majik
  • 8b. If All the Raindrops Were...
  • 9a. Dry
  • 9b. Paint the Town Rainbow
  • 10a. Never Marry Your Aunt
  • 10b. Scary Berenstain Bears Episode
  • 11a. The Cloud Worm Movie
  • 11b. The Girl Who is Called Wolf

Care Fam Seria by Disney - Spring

  • 1. The Village Gets Olde
  • 2. Grumpy's Black Majik Woman
  • 3. The Turtle and Rabbit Race
  • 4. Home Sweet Home
    • Episode link: [1]
  • 5a. You'll Be Sarry
  • 5b. Fee Fi Fo Fum
    • Episode link: [2]
  • 6. Winter Wrap Up
    • Episode link: [3]
  • 7a. To Kill a Swamp "Monster"
    • Episode link: [4]
  • 7b. The Wiz
  • 8. Why is Brave Heart Lion Scared of the "Dark"?
    • Episode link: [5]
  • 9. Paradise... I Think
    • Episode link: [6]
  • 10. Toys 'R' Us is a Bad Birthday
  • 11. Crappy Apple Pies
  • 12a. Animals Dribbling
  • 12b. Brave Heart Lion's Movie
    • Episode link: [7]
  • 13. Everdale Wants to Go Swimming
    • Episode link: [8]

Extremely Memorable Quotabears

"Friend Bear, you are a cloud" - Kimmie Fairyhood in Home is Your Heart
"If you have ever cared, have a heart already" - Toys'R'Us Bear in Peter Pan
"Ah" - Shweeky the Shqueaming Witwch in Every Episode That Shweeky Is In

A Goallery of Care Beer Pusheens

A Goallery of Underage Bears

All of these images are screenshots of Care Bears and Zoos which were taken when the Care Bears were under the age of 8, the minimum age for Care Bears became famous while under the age of 8 by making their first Musical.lys on the Clout Clipper.


Screenshot 2018-05-01 at 3.05.12 PM

This is where Tonsa lives. Tonsa was e*ten by a Lion King here in Africa.

The Lion King's new single: "My Africa, Woah Woah Woah" featuring DJ Brain, DJ W, and Lil' Cheikh Chahck is out now! Learn all about the flavor of elephants, the dark side of Care Bears.

Tonsa was a Disappearing Beer.

Order the documentary: "Tonsa in Africa" for $29.99 on Amazon; FEATURING "WOAH WOAH WOAH" BY THE SIMBA!

Mule was buried in Africa alongside his wife, Twinkle Sprinkle.