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Cash Me Outside, howbow dah?


A cussing, thirteen year old girl named Danielle Bregoli was brought on to the Dr. Phil Show by her mother who did not appreciate her attitude. Her rebellious personality, however, is now recognized famously because her voice is very illiterate. When she says "catch me outside, how about that?" it's clearly "cash me outside, howbow dah?" She has since become an internet meme.

Transcript of Cash Me Outside

Dr. Phil: you just take it and don't consider that it's...belongs to someone else.

Danielle: No, yokeez'n mahru yurasken for it. Yudone leave yo keez in a partin someone's room when they've stolen cawz before like yu asken for it.

Dr. Phil: Um, so what do you think is going to happen when you happen to steal somebody's car...that disagrees with that and decides that they're gonna drop a hammer on you and prosecute you to...(interrupted)

Danielle: Pff... Thenah domah tahmin jail; jail ain't negtiv...that's what ah always do and they nevva catch me; ain't nobody goen catch me.

Dr. Phil: Cause you're too street-wise?

Danielle: Yope. Andall thezows laffin like sone funny!

Mom: She's talking at the audience...dat they're laughin' atter.

Dr. Phil: Did you say the...the **** are laughin'?

Danielle: Yup.

Dr. Phil: So the audience are a bunch of ****?

Danielle: Yuup.

(audience laughs and claps)


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