Concentration is a game made by one of Deshna Lilyberry's classmates.


Concentration, is a rhythm, concentration now begins!

How to play it

Real life (aka classmate edition)

It needs hand clapping. You would touch your lap/the table with your whole hand, then quickly clap one time, the pen do the thumbs up, first on your left hand then on the right. Next, you would say your name (if you volunteered to be the first one to talk) then the one who you would like to speak next. Then that person will say his/her name and another person's name (if you are playing with 3+ people) or your name (if you two Aretha only ones playing). Then repeat it until it is game over.

Example: (three Shoppies)

All: Concentration, is a rhythm, concentration now begins!

Sara: Sara, Kate

Kate: Kate, Lucy

Lucy: Lucy, Kate

Kate: Lucy, Kate *game stops*


Internet (aka Wikia edition)

It doesn't need hand clapping. First, in the comments section of this page, you would volunteer to start a game by commenting either "Concentration now" or "I want to play this game". Then say your name, nickname (aka the name that everyone calls you) or your username, then say anyone's name, username or nickname. It ends if you don't reply for a month when you were the next one called or if you comment, saying that you were the one playing, but another person was called.

Example: (two users and one Stoopie)

Loupa: Can we play?

Alena7769: Concentration, is a rhythm

Deshna Lilyberry: Concentration now begins!

Loupa: Loupa, Akesha

Alena7769: Akesha, Luna

Deshna Lilyberry: Luna, Loupa

Loupa: *after two months* Loupa, Luna


Another example: (one user and one Stoopie)

Deshna Lilyberry: Guys, I want to play.

Alena7769: Concentration, is a rhythm, concentration now begins!

Deshna Lilyberry: Luna, Akesha

Alena7769: Akesha, Luna

Loupa: Wanna join! Loupa, Akesha

Deshna Lilyberry: Please read the rules.

Alena7769: SPOILER

Deshna Lilyberry: Spoiler not.

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