CoolChocoCassandra is a human that can turn into a UNICORN!!!

Stuff She Likes

  • Beanie Boos
  • Shopkins
  • Num Noms
  • Shoppies
  • Her friends and family
  • Drawing
  • Singing
  • FANDOM!!!
  • Shopping
  • Eating
  • PokΓ¨mon
  • Anything cute
  • Cute Crew
  • Breakfasty Drawings and Breakfasty Singers
  • Chocolate
  • Butterflies and unicorns

Stuff She Hates

Stuff She Made Up

  • Fire
  • Brekky
  • Her other made up characters
  • Cute Crew
IMG 4620

"I'm eating myself!"

Stuff She Spams

Wikis She Founded

CoolChocoCassandra has founded 3 different Wikis! Cute Crew Wiki, Ty Beanie Boo Wiki and Beanie Boo Fan Wiki are their names.

Cute Crew Wiki

CoolChocoCassandra's first Wiki, and one she is on the most, too. This website is about CoolChocoCassandra's made-up series, Cute Crew. A few users have joined, but not many.

Ty Beanie Boo Wiki

CoolChocoCassandra's second Wiki. This website is about the popular plush line, Beanie Boos. Nobody has joined this Wiki yet. There are lots of Beanie Boo Wikis though, so don't get confused!

Beanie Boo Fan Wiki

CoolChocoCassandra's third Wiki, and also goes by the same theme as the website above. But this time it is about fanmade Beanie Boos! You can make your own here! Nobody has joined here either, yet.

Other Stuff You Need To Know

  • She uses the word "stuff" a lot
  • She is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!
  • She likes dot points
  • She is the founder of the Breakfast Craze
  • She is the founder of Cute Crew itself
  • Her full name is Cassandra May Jones
  • Her favourite Beanie Boo is Fantasia
  • Her favourite Shopkins are Zappy Microwave and Cassie Caster Sugar
  • Her favourite Num Nom is Cassie Cola
  • She is in an Opportunity Class (OC) which is a class for gifted students