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Danaya the queen of the Encantadia Kingdom outside of the Stoopiverse, Lireo. Her full title is Hara Danaya of Lireo, but more descriptively, Hara Sang'gre Diwata Sapirian Danaya of Lireo Daughter of Hara Sang'gre Diwata Minea of Lireo and Sapirian Enuo.


She is the keeper of the Brilyante of earth. Earth = dirt which means Danaya is DIRT. This proves why she was only chosen to be queen when there was no other possible queens left (Alena isn't even a possible queen, as she tossed her queen-chance away when she fell in love with Ybarro).


Danaya's name is very confusing, but here is the English "translation." Her name consists of the name Dan, the word a, and the slang term for the slang term, yeah, "ya." This means that she likes some (presumably creepy) creepo named Dan and she says "yes" to him when he proposes. This means that Aquil's name is really Dan, or Danaya is destined to marry a different person called Dan.

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