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Deshna Lilyberry is a user on the Weekee and is the ka-ray-zi-est girl in the world. Her profile picture is a fanart she made. She is also the new Stoopie/Admin here, in Stupidity Wiki and considered the eighth Admin. She is also known as Luna Lilyberry.

What She Spams

She spams the BUBBLE, TOILETS, PINK and BLOCK spams. She also spams the CHOCOLATE spam.







Nicknames you can give her



Reasons for the Nicknames

  1. One of her original nicknames.
  2. Her third nickname when she renamed her fist account.
  3. One of her original nicknames.
  4. Alena and Lee combined.
  5. Her second Encantadia nickname.
  6. TeaLand Mythology nickname, Kathreen says. She said it's meaning is "Kind and Crazy".
  7. An alternative to Deshna.
  8. Like the Deshna one, it is an alternative to Deshna Lilyberry.
  9. That is one way to express that Kate is one of her corres, which means loves.
  10. Ivo live, Kate!!!.
  11. This is based on Sprinkle Lee Cake the Shopkin.
  12. One of her original usernames.
  13. If you call her this, agape avi (sorry), but YOU'RE OUT. Tag, you're it.
  14. Entirely based on Cassiopeia, the founder of the Sang'gre world.
  15. The twins had their way to Deshna Lilyberry's possible usernames!.
  16. Two of her favorite Battle for Dream Island characters combined.
  18. Read the reference above this, please. Avisala eshma (thank you very much).



One of her favorite book series that she reads every single night.

  • Her Shoppie, otherwise known as Kate
  • Wishing-Chair book series
  • Dunny (Dunce and Ninny) love team in Dumb Ways to Die (they look so adorable together!)


  • Bullies
  • Little brats especially Numpty's Son
  • The Wikia-situation she was on


  • PinkAddict
  • ShopkinsAddict (not the user SpkAddict)
  • ShoppiesAddict
  • EnchanAddict
  • NumNomsAddict
  • WishingChairAddict
  • MelanieMartinezAddict
  • PuppyDogAddict
  • DumbWaysToDieAddict
  • BookAddict
  • RomanceLoveAddict
  • GuitarAddict
  • SportsfestAddict
  • CocoPlayAddict
  • MelanieMartinezAddict
  • MyLittlePonyAddict
  • SlimeAddict

Facts about her

  1. She plays the guitar, but although the strings are a little overvoiced (out of tune).
  2. She speaks a little Enchanta, a bit of French, a little bit of H Placese and a few Spanish words.
  3. She REALLY loves the color pink. Her classmates even said she's "Addicted to pink".
  4. She dislikes Star Wars (sorry SW fanatics).
  5. She loves the Aldub love team.
  6. She is a Filipino. Everyone knows that, silly!
  7. She's kind and thinks "everything should have a balance", especially stupidity. Don't block her, pls!
  8. Her Grandma thinks PPAP is one of the funniest.
  9. She dislikes H Place. Especially!
  10. She loves Encantadia SO much that her classmates called her an EnchanAddict.
    Meghan Trainor - Me Too-0

    Meghan Trainor - Me Too-0

    One of her favorite songs

  11. She hates swearing.
  12. She looked like a master of guitars, but she really isn't because she's still practicing My Time to Shine, Cake, Tell Me What's Cookin' and Oh Bagie in guitar.
  13. She have a new Shoppie for Christmas.
  14. She somehow has a interest in romance, but NEVER reads any romance novels.

    The show she LOVES SO MUCH

  15. Someone guessed who her crush is in Stupidity Wiki.
  16. She wonders what the hex is Tooly I Am King.
  17. She loves saying 'hex' as an alterna to 'heck' and 'h**l'
  18. She hates saying heck and h**l.
  19. She loves Shopkinsinsinsinsinsinsinsinsins SOOOO much.
  20. She loves Dumb Ways to Die, and so does her Ashti (aunt) and Aldo (uncle).
  21. Her name is pretty common in Austrailia, but she is the ONLY person EVER to have a name like Dimity in the Philippines.
  22. She loves Shoppies (obviously)
  23. She admitted who her crush is in Shopkins Wiki. Although some people guessed it correctly.
  24. She loves reading fantasy novels like the Heroic Master Affa.
  25. She wants Heroic Master Affa to be published.
  26. She loves Sportsfest/Intrams because of her new sports jersey. She thinks it is perfect because she is a DumbWaysToDieAddict and SportsfestAddict.
  27. Her guitar is out of tune. Again.
  28. She loves dancing out of nowhere like KA-RAY-ZIE.
  29. She forgot her Wikia Account password, can't click the forgot password button, won't want to create a new account, and Alena7769 actually accused her for lying to her about this situation.
  30. She is possibly having a problem with the user in Shopkins Wiki, NinaNoodles225.
  31. She was resurrected from Devas to Lireo.
  32. She is rising like the eagle right now.
  33. Her Aldo (uncle) is probably Face Swapping her right now with the poster of Alena (not Alena7769) from Encantadia.
  34. Actually, her Aldo already face swapped her with the Alena poster.
  35. She is working on her made up album right now pretending she is a star like Meghan Trainor. The debut album she is currently working on is entitled "Oh Bagie".
  36. Oh Bagie is a song about Lee/Aleena/Lily/Alena's dog, Bagie.
  37. She is trying to keep herself balanced on her eagle wings. She is trying it to keep editing while still editing the right time because if she'll quit just because "no one will edit here again", which will not happen, she might fall on the sea and get eaten by a fish called a
  38. She dreams of getting a miniature poodle named Coco.

    Her whole self in her jersey

  39. She knows a few (many) Melanie Martinez songs, including Cake, Alphabet Boy, Carousel, Pacify Her, Sippy Cup, Dollhouse, Crybaby, Teddy Bear, Mad Hatter, Tag You're It, Training Wheels and Milk and Cookies.
  40. She now learned how to create tabbers. Go see her work on the infobox above this!
  41. She was just added as the new Admin in February 9, 2017.
  42. She's too conceited these days and she's trying "hard" not to be.
  43. She's a Melanie Martinez and Little Mix fan. Of course.
  44. This time, she's singing "Touch" by Little Mix right now.
  45. She wants other Shoppies these days. Of course she still loves Kate.
  46. She keeps changing her profile picture.
  47. She promises to never change it again. (She thinks)



A bottle of her repellent.

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