Dunny is the love team that Deshna Lilyberry TOTALLY loves. She thinks they look so adorable together.

The Two Lovebirds (if there was a TV show)

  • Ninny (girl in the love team)
  • Dunce (boy in the love team)

More Description About the Characters (again, if there was a TV show)

  • Ninny - She is the girl in the love team and loves everything red, and is curious.
  • Dunce - He is the boy in the love team and (this is awkward and all but lol) SOLD HIS KIDNEYS ON THE INTERNET.
  • Dimwit - He is Dunce's friend that turned out to be his frenemy.
  • Numpty - Another friend of the two and is very kind and the opposite of his son, he wouldn't liked it if the name of his son is said.
  • Numpty's son - He is Numpty's son (as said) and is very naughty and spreads different kinds of threats to others especially to his dad and Ninny if he didn't get some candy or chocolate cake.
  • Loopy - Another friend and is very daring and brave (he would comment and edit this page if he is here in Fandom).
  • Dippy -Another friend and is active, social and loves every kind of fishes except for piranhas.

Why the Characters are Dumb

What do you expect? It's DUMB Ways to Die!

Their Love Story




  • There was a rumor made by Dimwit, Dunce's so-called friend that they broke up a few weeks ago, but Ninny and Dunce NEVER broke up.
  • They have now made their own repellent.

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