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Everdale (or Everdalle[1]) is a large kingdom that borders three other kingdoms, namely Glacieste, Evesnoa, and Powdemore. It is the home of Princess Ella of Everdale and her sister Princess Anna of Everdale. Starting in 2013, this kingdom grew a positive aesthetic in which no negative words (even "not") are not allowed when referring to Everdale.


The evolution of the name "Everdale" began in approximately 1350 when the Veir and Andalean tribes became one tribe. These people became known as the Veir-Andales. They eventually (in 1432) migrated from their former home in Norweigh, and they moved to the island of Revimaur which is now referred to as Rivermore. Under their ruler, King Ram[2], the Veir-Andales created a city which they called Evirandalia. Evirandalia means "ever and always" according to dialects by King Ram. It was re-established by King Johann, King Ram's son, in 1482, and the city's name was altered to Everendallia. King Johann's son King Nare (who became king in 1529) did not change its name, but King Ram I changed it to Everdalle as an official kingdom was created. Even though the previous few kings were royalty, they only lived in a city instead of having a kingdom. King Ram I was not closely related to the other kings, so a new dynasty had begun. The present name of the kingdom, Everdale, was first used in 1793 by King Nikolas. The name Everdale means "lasting for all" which is remotely similar to Evirandalia's meaning.


There are four major Everdalean cities within the kingdom. The capital, Andale, is the home of Princesses Ella of Everdale. It was founded in 1534 by King Ram I as Ærandalle, and it has been the capital ever since. Its name was modernized to Arandale in 1746 (by Queen Aura), but when King Nikolas established Everdale, it was named Andale. Building of the Castle of Andale began with Sir Heinrich Brinkerhoff's committee under King Arum in 1892, and it was completed in 1917 under King Ang I's authority. Two of the other cities, Erdel and Kabetaese (now Betesaey[3]), also gained castles at that time. However, those two cities only gained existence 1869 and 1873, respectively. Eldale (the other city) initially was not going to exist, but during the War of Troy, King Arum conquered the Apallac Springs. This land became known as Eldale, and Eldale was eventually founded in 1907. The Castle of Eldale was not completely created until 1968, though.

Historical Timeline

  • 1534: The kingdom of Everdalle was first founded by King Ram I and Queen Eithne.
  • 1562: Ram I's son Ram II becomes king.
  • 1601: Ram II's nephew Ean becomes king, and Ean's wife Ora becomes queen.
  • 1630: Ean's son Khan becomes king.
  • 1632: King Khan marries Queen Ariadna I.
  • 1659: Khan's son Ram III becomes king, and Ram III's wife Bala becomes queen.
  • 1716: Ram III's daughter Marah becomes queen.
  • 1719: Marah's sister Aura becomes queen.
  • 1727: Queen Aura marries King Tatumn I.
  • 1756: Everdalle goes on a hiatus.
  • 1793: King Nikolas, the grandson of Queen Aura and King Tatumn I, establishes Everdale.
  • 1804: King Nikolas marries Queen Idna I.
  • 1855: Nikolas's son Tatumn II becomes king.
  • 1868: Tatumn II's brother Arum becomes king.
  • 1873: King Arum marries Queen Tatum.
  • 1904: Everdale expands over the Apallac Springs.
  • 1912: Arum's son Ang I becomes king, and Ang I's wife Ada-Thara becomes queen.
  • 1925: Ang's uncle Jenson becomes king.
  • 1941: Jenson's grandnephew Khan II become's king, and Khan II's wife Ariadna IV becomes queen.
  • 1983: Khan II's nephew Heron becomes king.
  • 1984: King Heron marries Queen Elizaveta
  • 1989: Heron's son Ang II becomes king, and Ang II's wife Idna III becomes queen.
  • 2013: Ang II's daughter Ella becomes princess[4].
  • 2019: The kingdom of Arendelle becomes frozen for the second time[5].


  • Princess Ella's parents, of Everdale, made a famous appearance on the Titanic while crossing the Nieghn Sea.


  1. Everdalle was the traditionally recognized spelling of Everdale until the late 18th century. This title is still used in some foreign countries.
  2. King Ram is not the same person as King Ram I, who founded Everdalle.
  3. Kabetaese was renamed Betesaey when King Heron became king in 1983.
  4. The term "queen" was replaced by the suitable word, "princess."
  5. This future event is extremely likely to occur.