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Fakeope is a continent in the Stoopiverse. Its alter-ego is known as "Europe." It is best known for the extreme changes of countries' names, space, and even whether they are official territory or not. This continent first started as a small group of countries in the center of the continent, but Fakeope now owns all the land on the continents.

Before we move on to the countries, here is a short guide on how things work. There will obviously be many more countries than the 50 current ones as this becoming-long section includes former countries. Also, "boundaries", "territories", and other things of the sort were parts of land owned by Fakeope, but were not official countries yet. Some countries were not always replaced or merged with another, but rather renamed, even though each separate name counts as its own country. However, if an accent mark is taken from the country's name, it is still going to be under the same country section. In fact, we will not use the accents as they are rare in Fakeopean languages (such as Stoopish). To see the accents that were part of countries' names, just look at the gallery below. The amount of time that a country was part of Fakeope will also be listed so that you can understand the Fakeopelution.


  • Byceria, (1569-____): Byceria is a formerly small country which came from land in the Bycerian Colonies in 1569. In 1594, Byceria gained land from the Bycerian-Fish Colonies and Bosstralia.
  • Bosstralia, (1552-Present): Bosstralia is a super boss original country in Fakeope from 1552. It is best known as the only country that had its original name kept for the whole Fakeope time period. The name, Bosstralia, is taken from the continent, "Australia" and the word boss. In 1569, Bosstralia lost a thin section of land to the Bycerian-Fish Colonies, but they also gained some of the Bycerian-Fish land themselves. Bosstralia again lost land in 1580, but this time to Musafa and Thange. In 1594, Bosstralia regained some size, and it gained land now from the Bycerian-Fish Colonies.
  • De Dlamo, (1552-____): De Dlamo was a small country of Fakeope, an original from 1552. The country's name is mainly based from Mexican and Spanish languages. In 1569, De Dlamo took some of the land in Northern Mon Afrika. In 1594, land for De Dlamo was taken from Le Savagedor (which soon was called Sava.)
  • De Qwak, (1552-____): De Qwak was a duck-shaped country which originated in 1552. The name is made from the words "duck" and "quack", given the country's shape.
  • Elibria, (1552-____): Elibria was a country in Fakeope from 1552. The name seems to be based from "Libya", a country in Africa. In 1594, Elibria lost lots of land to Musafa.
  • Furgy, (1552-____): Furgy was one of the first countries, bordering the major country, O De Au, beginning in 1552. Furgy's name came from the singer, Fergie, and the toy, Furby, even though this was way before they existed. In 1569, Furgy became "flower-shaped" and very small after losing land to O De Au. Luckily, Furgy gained a some land back from Thange, but it still had to give some to Musafa.
  • Le Savagedor, (1552-1594): Le Savagedor was a Fakeopean country which originated in 1552. The name of this country uses the word "savage" and seems to be based on the Central American El Salvador. Le Savagedor was renamed to Sava when it lost much of its land in 1594.
  • Manelorphilia, (1552-____): Manelorphilia was an original country from 1552. The name of Manelorphilia widely resembles the English word, memorabilia.
  • Mon Afrika, (1552-____): Mon Afrika was a country of Fakeope which was an original 1552 country. This country's name is simply based from the Universe continent, "Africa". The Northernmost part of Mon Afrika was lost to De Dlamo in 1569.
  • Monte, (1552-1580): Monte was an originally small, rabbit shaped country which became a part of Fakeope in 1552. "Monte" seems to derive from the name, Monty. In 1580, Monte lost some of its land, and its name was changed to Montelalu. Monte was the first country to be renamed, merged, or replaced given that the Bycerian Colonies was not an official country.
  • Montelalu, (1580-____): Montelalu was a small country which was originally called Monte. It had lost the "tail" of its land, but the land still thrived. The name Montelalu derives from both the name Monty and the capital of the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu.
  • Musafa, (1580-Present): Musafa is the dominant "center of the continent" which replaced O De Au's authority in 1580. The name, "Musafa" is not to be confused with the Lion King deceased character called Mufasa. Musafa is commonly known as a misspelled variant of Mufasa. In 1594, Musafa became a greatly recognized capital country after gaining most of O De Au's land and some from Elibria.
  • North Fiche, (1594-____): North Fiche was a country which split off of the Bycerian-Fish Colonies in 1594 along with its southern border, South Fiche. Its name is based on the English word, "fish." However, while splitting from the colony, North Fiche lost quite a bit of land.
  • O De Au, (1552-____): O De Au was the first country to be used in the Fakeope countries in 1552. The name, "O De Au", is merely French which was deemed a sophisticated language. In 1569, O De Au became the dominant country of Fakeope after taking perhaps half of the land in Furgy. In 1580, O De Au lost approximately a third of its land to Musafa, and Musafa became the new "center of the continent." Much more land was lost to Musafa later in 1594.
  • Sava, (1594-____): Sava was a newly renamed country for 1594 having been formerly called Le Savagedor.
  • Shaerc Thange, (1552-____): Shaerc Thange was a country which was south of the better known country, Thange. This country was an original from 1552. Its name came from the country's shape resemblance to a shark.
  • South Fiche, (1594-____): South Fiche was the larger of the original two "Fiche" countries which became a country in 1594. It was originally part of the Bycerian-Fish Colonies, and like its northern border, its name is based on the English word, "fish."
  • Thange, (1552-____): Thange was a dominating country, north of its sister country, Shaerc Thange. This country was an original from 1552. The name, "Thange", comes from the fact that its shape appears like an animal with a large fang. In 1580, Thange lost much of its land to Musafa, with only the "fang" shape left as a part of the Thange land.

Other Lands

  • Bycerian Colonies, (1552-1569): The Bycerian Colonies was the first Fakeope-owned territory that was not originally a country. Originally, the area was bigger than each of the countries in Fakeope. This land changed its name to the Bycerian-Fish Colonies when the Fichen people added extra territory. Also, Byceria took up some of their land.
  • Bycerian-Fish Colonies, (1569-1594): The Bycerian-Fish Colonies was a new territory for 1569 which replaces the Bycerian Colonies, adding more land to the east. These colonies seem to form the shape of a fish when viewed from above. The Bycerian-Fish Colonies lost some land in 1594, and it split into North and South Fiche.
  • Eleskan Colonies, (1580-____): The Eleskan Colonies was a group of colonies which originated in 1580. It became a part of Fakeope in the area south of the Bycerian-Fish Colonies. The name, "Eleskan", is very similar to "Alaskan", a universe word.

Fakeopelution Gallery

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