Feral is an eighteen[1] year old putty tat who now lives at an unknown shelter for disobedient animals otherwise known as the Exa Tincta Zoo in Andale, Everdale. His popularity began in October 2016 when an article about him was written and printed in the official Juicy newspaper by The Cat Assoc. Despite being a New World cat, Feral has maintained as much popularity as the traditional and typical house cats. He is formally known as Gruff. Rumors state that Feral has the ability to speak Stoopish.

Early Life

Feral was born in the continent of Safari in the late twentieth century. Apparently, he had not been in captivity considering his highly aggressive attitude. It was likely, however, that he was born with an unidentified disorder due to his deformities. DNA testing shows that neither of his parents are still alive, so it is not likely for his genealogy to be found. However, his eighteen-year-old brother Tuff is still alive today.


Considering that tests found that Feral is approximately eighteen to twenty-three years old and that Tuff is eighteen years old, they were likely part of the same litter. As no other siblings off Feral were known to exist, his mother likely died shortly after giving birth to Feral and Tuff. However, she may have had other putty tat cubs before these two, but they almost certainly would have died as well. It is unlikely that there were other now deceased putty tat cubs who were born after Feral and Tuff because The Cat Assoc. had already been tracking all putty tats at the time. The father of Feral is fully unknown besides his genealogy, but he probably died soon after as well.

A peculiar speculation is that Feral once lived in China because a large collection of traditional and typical nice Chinese food with chopsticks was found with him. A charm of some sort was also found in the hoard which was reminiscent of the glorious history and culture of China.

Family History

The putty tat family tree dates back to when the putty tat was the king of the animals (now it is the monkey). A known ancestor of Feral is Bimsa who was the son of Musafa. Bimsa was the father of the last putty tat ruler, and that ruler was named Riaka. Riaka's great-great grandaughter was reportedly the mother of Feral and Feral's brother Tuff according to calculations by The Cat Assoc. Feral's father was a descendant of Bimsa as well, but of Bimsa's son Koin. The exact amount of generations between Koin and Feral's father is currently unknown.

Modern Life

Feral was found by The Cat Assoc. in the wild during October 2016. The Cat Assoc. found him with King Monkey Face who is the true ruler of the animal kingdom. However, Feral was too aggressive to be taken into captivity, and he ran away with King Monkey Face in his mouth[note 2].

The next month, Feral was found again with King Monkey Face, but he looked very different. His deformities had changed in several ways; he became much thinner, his feet grew to the size of an elephant, and he fully lost sight in his right eye. It was surprising that Feral did not die because he was only eating thirty calories per day. This would not have been the case, however, if he had eaten King Monkey Face. Feral also grew a large tumor in his left cheek which needed mandatory assistance. At this time, Feral was not named, but he eventually was called "Gruff" by The Cat Assoc. Within a week, Gruff was brought to the Haram Be Zoo in Cincinnati, Harambe, so that they could diagnose his condition. After testing was done over a few days, Gruff was diagnosed with a rare disease known formally as Etcomenetnotant Pedesmeosifactusestumagnus Parcreviteperietoculiventemeus which is often shortened to Etcomenetence. The only cure for Etcomenetence is pondo venenum hedera which translates to "lots of poison ivy." Since Etcomenetence is related to Stupid Cat Syndrome, poison ivy was expected to be a working medicine on Gruff. Gruff went through other tests at this time including age and DNA tests, and Gruff's age was reported to be roughly five to thirty-five years old. As the oldest putty tat known was a few years younger than this maximum age, Gruff's age estimate was deemed faulty. Later in November, Gruff had not been eating enough poison ivy, so his face was not going back to its normal shape. Despite this, his face did not become even more deformed, but it stayed in the same shape. Scientists proved that Gruff would look "normal" by January 2019.

The Cat Assoc. which got in contact with the Haram Be Zoo again reported on Gruff's health a few months later. They finally got Gruff to eat more poison ivy, and they claimed that Gruff said it was "goodyummy." Gruff's face (and body as well) did change in shape, but not in the proper way. One worker at the Haram Be Zoo stated that the poison ivy "was steroid-like" and caused Gruff to grow massive amounts of belly fat and mane hair. It was suggested by The Cat Assoc. that Gruff should lose ninety pounds on Nutrisystem, but this was declined by the Haram Be Zoo staff. A new test for his age was taken at that time, and it was found that he was approximately eighteen to twenty-three years old. Presumably, he was eighteen at the time due to DNA tests that showed that his brother, Tuff, was the same age. King Monkey Face (who had been stalking Gruff ever since he met him) was soon photographed with Gruff for a third time. In late June of 2017, Gruff moved to the Exa Tincta Zoo in Andale, Everdale because of dietary issues which needed resolving. Everdalean putty tat doctors from the Exa Tincta Zoo decided to give Gruff yet another DNA test because they claimed that they had much better equipment than the Haram Be Zoo did. It was then revealed that Gruff's ancestors included Musafa, Cars, and Bimsa. Soon, Gruff's name had to be changed to plainly Feral because of the Positive Language Society of Everdale which does not allow even slightly violent, negative, or mean words to be used. Rumors have spread that Feral is NoPo, and he supposedly told King Monkey Face that "Gruff" is his name while in Everdale. Feral was put in jail for two days for using the name "Gruff," and King Monkey Face, who is an avid NoPo fan, was jailed for six weeks. Feral has since been released from jail, and King Monkey Face's son Prince George paid the necessary amount to let King Monkey Face be released.

In late August 2017, trials in Everdale were set up to see if the name Feral itself is fully accepted by the Positive Language Society. Apparently, the rules had been broken by Everdalean staff, and his name needs changing as of now.


  1. Feral was allowed to use an older photo for his mugshot because he was too aggressive to have a new one taken. Although animals rarely or even never go to jail in other countries, Everdalean culture requires it.
  2. King Monkey Face did not die from this since he has magical royal monkey powers.