The FireAfy REPELLENT is another love team repellent.

Repels On

  • Flower, the meanie
  • Golfball (of course, she's a total meanie)
  • Anyone who hates BFDI
  • Anyone who hated Leafy and Firey
  • Coiny (sometimes, because he's a jerk to Firey)


  1. Yoylecake ingredients
  2. Flour
  3. Egg
  4. Cake batter
  5. 4 flames of fire
  6. 4 leaves

Now, the instructions?

You are going to blend the flour, Yoylecake ingredients and egg in the blender. Then add the flames, the leaves and cake batter. Then mix together. Put the mixture in a cake. Done!


  • This is the fourth REPELLENT that ain't in a bottle.

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