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Firstious Rubysius Catus, best known as The First Ruby Cat or plainly First Ruby Cat, is one of the best known specimens of a cat. He appears on several pages, such as Cat, Cringe, and Sample Page. He is running for mascot of the Stoopiverse even though what's his name is already prez.

Rise to Fame

First Ruby Cat started the first cat related attack on all animals! To read more, click here.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Befriending Mice
  • Befriending Hedgehogs
  • Bravely eating Poison Ivy
  • Turning into a slug and becoming Tooly I Am King's pet
  • Changing back into a cat when necessary

Notable Misaccomplishments

  • Gaining the Stupid Cat Syndrome
  • Gaining 5 Pounds in two months
  • Starting the Stupid Cat Revolution


  • The First Ruby Cat
  • First Ruby Cat
  • Ruby
  • Fat


  • The picture may not be the real Firstious Rubysius Catus, because this is unknown.


"I'm fat!"

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