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Floam is a substance like slime but bubblier and is many peoples' "aesthetic". Of course, "aesthetic" being used in the H Placese sense. A E S T H E T I C

Somehow, it's appealing to teens/adults because of ASMR crunches which are soothing. If you feel like you seriously need floam after watching a few floam videos, you have a common disorder known as Floamingitis. If you also prefer homemade floam because it has more crunch, you have Ultrafloamingitis Disorder.

It's made of cringe and CRUNCH! Supposedly, but definitely MAGICAL microbeads make it stick together. It is also known for having an annoying commercial. Somehow, homemade floam seems to be WAY more appealing.
Nickelodeon FLOAM Commercial- NEW 2012!

Nickelodeon FLOAM Commercial- NEW 2012!