H Placese is an indecipherable secret code disguised as an innocent language, spoken by the residents of The 9 Circles of The H Place. Invented by PikoTaro and Jacob Sartorius in 2016, the language is extremely hard to translate. No internet translators have an option for H Placese.

As for legal languages, attempt to use Stoopish or Gibberish.



WatermelonSunshine happens to know a few words of H Placese because she, being in high school, is surrounded by people who speak this language a lot.

ShopkinsAddict has heard a bit of this language in her middle/high school.


  • Smol-small
  • Dank-We don't even know. Often used to describe MLG things and memes.
  • Dope-awesome; cool
  • Tol-tall
  • Af-As *Friday*. For your convenience, I replaced the bad word with Friday because I don't want to be blocked.
  • Kawaii-Cute. An actual Japanese word, but overused too much by H Place residents who obsess over anime and everything Japanese called "Weeabos" that it got adopted by H Placese.
  • Thicc-thick.


  • Pupper-dog
  • Neko-cat. Also an actual Japanese word, but overused too much by Weeabos that it got adopted by H Placese.
  • Birb-bird
  • Bun-bunny; rabbit
  • Doggo-Dog

Normal words with alternate meanings

  • Paw-parents are watching
  • Emoji-ANY emoticon, not just the Apple/Android/Samsung device pre-loaded emoticons (which is what an emoji really is. Everything else is an EMOTICON. Get that right, folks.)
  • Feels-An emotional attachment to something or a character; extreme sadness or depression.
  • Trash-What you call yourself if you're obsessed over something.
  • Aesthetic (also spelled a e s t h e t i c)-A bunch of random pictures thrown together, often making no sense.
  • Lit- Basically something that is MEGA dope.
  • Slay-To do something "awesome".
  • Thirsty-Desperate, pathetic.
  • Dead-LOL; LMAO; ROFL
  • Ratchet-Wretched. Why can't they just say the real word?

Everything else

  • Finsta-Alt; a second account, typically a cringy instagram one.
  • Muser: A user on, like Jacob and Ariel.
  • WcW & McM- Woman crush Wednesday and man crush Monday. Also often confused for emoticons because of uwu.
  • uwu: Apparently some sort of emoticon that looks too much like a word to be considered an emoticon.
  • 😂: This word is too illegal to describe. Pronunciation is merely a facial expression.
  • Turnt-We don't even know.
  • Sus-We also don't even know. Could it be an emoticon?
  • I'm cry-Crying so hard that you can't even finish your sentence.
  • I cri evrytiem- Similar to I'm cry, but much more sarcastic.
  • HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG-Awwwww; what you say when something looks pretty or cute
  • Iger-A user of Instagram resident of the H Place.
  • Wat-A typical misspelling of "what" that became a word from H Placese.
  • Respek-Respect. Shows how people are lazy these days.
  • Suh/Sah/Wuddup-"What's up?" Dated versions of H Placese included "sup".
  • Idc: You don't care, but you don't care that you don't care.
  • WIWT-What I'm wearing today.
  • (letter)OTD-(something)of the day. OOTD (Outfit of the Day) is the typical usage.
  • OOAK- Dated, but still frequently used; One of a Kind. Often used a lot on eBay. The only reason it's here is because seeing someone spam OOAKOOAKOOAK would be unbearably cringesome.
  • Soz- sorry. It's apparently slang?? But you can help and not be lazy by putting a 'rry' instead of a z!
  • Musername- Your username in
  • MAGA- Make America Great Again
  • England is my city- See It's Everyday Bro for information on this phrase/lyric.


These words have become so ubiquitous that they were taken out of H Placese. They can be used on this wiki, but NOT frequently. Some people are offended by former H Placese words because they are dum.

  • Idk: I don't know; usually written to signify that you don't care either.
  • Dem and Dey- A better way to say them; A better, but rare way to say they.
  • Dis, Dat, Dese, Dose, Dink, Dought: This, That, These, Those, Think, and Thought.
  • Kewl: Cool. Saying cool this way shows that you only think it is partially cool or not cool at all.