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Hagorn is an EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL antagonist from the show Encantadia. He is eviller than his daughter.

CRINGY facts

  • Dat face paint tho. It's a red lightning
  • He cloned 100,000,000 Hathors (or Halazars as he liked to call them) just to defeat Amihan and her crew!
  • His daughter is Pirena herself.
  • He called the Hathire "Halazars" for no reason.
  • He is an Encantado himself.
  • He lives and currently rules the half-destroyed kingdom Hathoria.
  • He is king.
  • He was the king of Lireo, but since Lireo allows no kings, Amihan drove him and Pirena away.
  • He is friends with Ether and Arde.
  • He is also friends with Aquil before he was replaced by Muros as "Mashne".
  • His crown is weird. I get it, it is supposed to be flamesy-flamesy.


He is stabbed by Pirena, which caused Pirena to be cursed by EVIL Ether. The snake (bathaluman) gave her powers in exchange of her life if she broke their deal, which is to stab Hagorn or her.




  • He used to hold three brilyantes but he now had two.


  • He is eviller than Donald Trump and Pirena!!!
  • The only person who is EVILER that him is Dolores Umbridge.