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The Happy Places Controversy was started by ZoeZamTys. It's a copy of the famous Shoppies Controversy by TheSnuggleKinz.

The 6 Controversies of Happy Places

  1. Everything has a face! Your kids will buy and buy and buy black and white paint, enough to paint faces on ALL OF YOUR FURNITURE!!!
  2. The furniture also has animal details! This will make your kids want to buy foam paper and DECORATE your furniture with animal ears and tails!
  3. The Lil Shoppies have PLASTIC HAIR!! YOUR kids will glue their hair to make it like the Lil Shoppies!
  4. The Lil Shoppies only wear robes!!! This encourages kids to wear robes even though it's not bath time!!!
  5. You can't remove the shoes! This encourages kids to wear them all day, every day. (P.S. ZoeZamTys actually did this when she was younger, until her parents took them off.)
  6. The Lil' Shoppies heads can be removed SO EASILY! This will encourage kids to use the Face Swap app just like their Shoppies switching heads!

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