Don't get on her bad side.

Madonna is like a dumb blonde!

But she is not like a violent person! SHE IS!

This article is like a dumb. You can help Stupidity Wikia by cringing it.

In the Stoopiverse, several words that are often used are illegal. Official Illegal words are part of H Placese, but other words are extremely inappropriate when used in phrases. Never say any of these phrases, because if you do, you are probably making approximately 100% of the population cringe.

Illegal Phrases

  • I don't bite: This is illegal because it sound ridiculous, and only extremely strange people would think that some random person would actually bite.
  • WELL YEAH: Caps and all, this phrase is really illegal. It is often said to cut someone off who says "Well yeah, but--".
  • This is my æsthetic: The word aesthetic is extremely illegal as it is, but using it in such context is unbearably cringesome.
  • I'm smart: When you say this, you also imply that you are selfish, stuck-up, or both of the the previous.
  • Cool beans: This phrase is too stupid for stupidity. What is cool about beans? If they are cold cool, then they probably would taste pretty gross.
  • Who's the evil twin: If you ever said this to twins, you need to realize that that was an extremely cringy thing to say. If you said this and aren't a twin yourself, you would be the evil twin if you had one. Actually, that makes sense for people who are twins and say that too!
  • Hot mess: You must understand how this phrase plainly is a hot mess in itself because it's freakishly annoying.

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