Interactive Page is an interactive page. Kids play from this page. There are several fun games. And choppy sentences. Short sentences; good for kids. Parents should monitor kids' use. Use discretion for websites. Six words is the limit. That is, for a sentence.

Some games need more people. Get your clique ready. Some games are not interactive.

Not all games are done here. You may go outside.

Your mother won't mind at all. If you do.

Simon Says

How to Play

This page talks saying "Simon says." Do what you're told.

Sing & Play


Simon says pick your nose.

Simon says eat a rose.

Simon says smell your toes.

Simon says pee your clothes.


Simon tells you what to do.

Obey him and you might puke.

Quiet Game

How to Play

Be quiet. Don't talk. Wait for everyone to talk. Be the last to talk.

Keep Busy

Stay busy. Don't talk. Typing is fine. Don't stress. It might make you scream. Screaming is talking.

If you Win

You can talk now. As long as everyone else has.

Hide & Seek

How to Play

Count to ten. Other kids will hide. Seek them after counting. Take turns.

More Rules

If you're outside, don't hide inside. If you're inside, don't hide outside.


How to Play

Someone is "it". Everyone chases "it". Whoever tags "it" is "it". This game is a cycle.

How to Stop

Stop if you're hurt. Stop if you're tired. Stop if you're sick. Stop if you're fired.


How to Play

Make an account. Buy a plush Webkinz.


For kids 5+. Don't play during quiet game. Losing Webkinz games causes screams.