Johnny Johnny is as annoying and ugly has him

Johnny Johnny yes papa - free fun education nursery rhyme for kids

Johnny Johnny yes papa - free fun education nursery rhyme for kids

Johnny "Johny" John E. Yespapa is a weird, bald kid from India with a serious eating disorder. He loves to eat sugar (WHO DOES THAT?), as well as THINGS THAT CAN'T EVEN BE EATEN, like silverware, pigs, jars, and even Papa. His overprotective papa hates when he eats things, so Johnny spits the things out, but he uses them as projectiles to attack Papa. They also chase each other around the house too much as drawers open and close and stuff flies out of them.

Johnny Johnny has been referred to as "Caillou's Indian counterpart" due to the fact that both are bald, annoying, and weird kids.

Despite being younger than Papa, he sounds older than him. Or is he actually older than Papa!? The world may never know...

OH! They also need those wire thingies called braces because their teeth are not straight.

Johnny Johnny has became a meme in August 2018.

The sad tale of Johnny Johnny

As retold by OliviaOil06 and WatermelonSunshine

jOHNY JOHNY yes pap eATIN SUGAR no papa tELLIN LIES no papa papa pls Open Your Mouth!! Ha Ha Ha!!! BURP!!!


  • Cherryberry1456 thought he was Johnny Test.
  • He is related to SpiltMilk10 aka ShopkinsCute.
  • In some parts of the video, the sugar jar is still there but later, it disappears.
  • One of Papa's eyes seems bigger than the other.
  • ShopkinsAddict's friend loves to say this rhyme for some weird reason.
  • HermioneGrangerfan1234 is annoyed by this nursery rhyme.
  • He voted for Donald Trump, even though he is a kid and not old enough to vote.
    • His Papa voted for Harambe.
  • He is Nina Noodles' former crush.
  • Mama does not exist. There is only Papa.
  • Nina Noodles loves listening to his nursery rhyme.
  • Papa's face has the ability to glitch through doors. He is also very bendy and flexible
  • The kitchen also likes to glitch
  • Hillary Clinton lies because of him.
  • There are rumours that his Shopkin counterpart is Pappa Pizza Base.
  • He is friends with this guy.