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A serving of JuJu On That Beat REPELLENT

The JuJu On That Beat REPELLENT is a repellent that repels the CRINGIEST song of 2016, JuJu On That Beat, as well as its' CRINGY singers, Zay Cringygerr and Zaylon Mccringe.


  • 23345818182929282 microphones used by some random rappers
  • 49585839929100190 copies of the lyrics of JuJu On That Beat printed in Glossy Paper
  • 102929393929 hair strands of Zay Cringygerr and Zaylon Mccringe
  • 202993939311111 copies of some random rap songs of your own
  • 39339393939 CDs of the game Just Dance 2017
  • 99986543321 liters of saliva of Zay Cringygerr and Zaylon Mccringe
  • 293948485 iPhones with the music video of JuJu On That Beat playing
  • A purple plate
  • Blue and Red food coloring
  • 2222222222 eggs
  • 102298383 boxes of pancake mix
  • 2 Cringeberries

How To Make Cringeberries

To make Cringeberries, follow these easy steps. (You must cringe while doing these steps in order for it to work.)

  1. Slice some strawberries in half.
  2. Put the word CRINGE inside of the strawberry. (Must be printed on a slice of another strawberry)
  3. Stick the slice of strawberry with the word CRINGE on it to the strawberry cut in half.
  4. Stick the two pieces together.
  5. Color the leaf of the strawberry purple.
  6. Whala! Cringeberries are made!


Now follow these easy steps in order to have your repellent!

  1. In a bowl, mix the eggs and the pancake mix together.
  2. Now here comes the making of the repellent! Mix Zay Cringygerr and Zaylon Mccringe's hair strands and saliva in the bowl.
  3. Put the lyrics of JuJu On That Beat in the bowl. Mix it first, then put your own rap songs in.
  4. Now before putting something else into the bowl, blend the microphones, the CDs, the iPhones, and the eggshells from the eggs altogether in the blender in high speed. Wait for EXACTLY 59.9 minutes.
  5. Pour the mixture in, and fold.
  6. Add 1 drops of blue and red food coloring into the mixture. Then mix.
  7. In a flat pan, put some cooking oil on it and set your stove to medium heat.
  8. Pour the mixture into the pan, and wait for EXACTLY 45.83838383 minutes.
  9. While waiting for the mixture to fry, put 19292929 drops of blue and red food coloring in a separate bowl then mix.
  10. When the mixture is all fried, remove the mixture from the pan and put it to a purple plate, then add the purple food coloring and the two Cringeberries on top.
  11. There you go! A lifetime supply of JuJu On That Beat REPELLENT!

Ways To Use

  1. Feed it to people who like JuJu On That Beat.
  2. Feed it to rappers who like the song.
  3. Feed Zay Cringygerr and Zaylon Mccringe so that they would forget their own song.