The JustineCarl Repellent is a repellent that keeps creepy things, creepy people, and presidential candidates away like Teletubbies, Johnny Johnny, Donald Trump, and SpiltMilk10.

What Is Its Purpose?

I don't know! Just look for the first sentence of this page!

How To Make It Work?

Throw the repellent to the creepy things or people and it'll blast sweetness, sugar, and red ants immediately. IF IT DIDN'T WORK THREE TIMES, MAYBE AN INGREDIENT IS MISSING. BOMBS NOT NEEDED.


Made from OliviaOil's cereal milk, HiSun's pancakes, WatermelonSunshine's white chocolate pringles, TheSnuggleKinz's mint candies, Lava stamp's Oreo cookies, ShopkinsAddict's bottle, and JustineCarl's chocolate bar and frappe.