Kate is the ONLY Shoppie that Deshna Lilyberry has.



  • Hagorn
  • Ether
  • Spammers in Facebook
  • Hanging out with people like Dolores Umbridge
  • Dolores Umbridge herself
  • Hillary Clinton

Why is she here if she's not that stupid?

Her hair will be stupidly crazy if someone like her friend or Lee's uncle brush that hair.

Actually, Deshna Lilyberry already brushed her hair and French braided her hair. With an extra red ribbon touch!

She is married to...

Strawberry Cream himself! Oh my gosh, is that possible to marry a Num when you're a SHOPPIE DOLL?!?

Wikia-ers Who Have Their Own Rainbow Kate

With the Natural Curls

With the Braid

Wikia-ers who don't have Kate (aka Sadness Galore)

  • JustineCarl5