Lalastoopsies, also known as Lalaloopsies or Loopsies or Lalas, are dolls that OliviaOil06 happens to like. WatermelonSunshine also used to like them. They are somewhat predecessors for Lil Outrageous Littles and have a connection to Num Noms.

What They Are

Rag dolls with button eyes (Like Coraline) and sewn from stuff (MGA is secretly trained in the art of sewing plastic), and apparently the rag dolls came to life with the last stitch, although there is absolutely no evidence of a living object embedded into the plastic.

'Main' Lalas

  • Peenut Big Top
  • Drool Sparkles
  • Cruds Sugar Cookie
  • Mittens Buff n Stuff
  • Pix E Fatters
  • Dud Starlight
  • Me Spells a Lot
  • Snot Splatter Splash
  • Peeckles BLT
  • Bubbles Smack n Poop
  • Alice in Lalastoopsyland
  • Rosy Bumps n Pooses
  • Possum Flowerpot
  • Pepper Pots n Hands
  • Face Fenderbender

Other Lalas

  • Tipsy Dumblelina
  • Boligrafo PiΓ±a Manzana Boligrafo Tropi-Callie
  • Mapeena Anchringes
  • Smelly Wiggle Jiggle
  • Ember Flicker Lame
  • I Vore-Y Ice Crudstals
  • Musty Mystupidious
  • Feather Smell-a-Fail
  • Berry Jars n Hams
  • Dummy Side Up
  • Fartest Everpeen
  • Whirly Stenchy Socks
  • Fat Bungle Vore
  • Failie Dusty Fails
  • Poops Waffle Drone
  • Dissonance B. Flat
  • Fatch Treasuremess
  • Hurly Figure Late
  • Hoppy Sleighbells
  • Mona Fart Wings

Alternate Names

  1. Lalas
  2. Lalaloopsy
  3. Lalapoopsy
  4. Loopsylala
  5. Loopsies


  • IheartBratayley used to like these.
  • ShopkinsAddict has a few of them
  • TheSnuggleKinz cringed at Peanut Big Top singing.
  • Lava stamp has some. Her mom thinks they are cute but Lava herself doesn't like them anymore.
  • There are also lalaloopsy girls that are supposed to be in "high school."

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