LazyTown is an EVIL TV show that has spawned many memes.


There is this town where everyone is lazy and loves Candy and video games, until Sportacus comes along and tells the puppets "If you like candy you are evil! Eat an apple!" And "Technology? Let's play soccer instead!". The real hero of LazyTown, Robbie Rotten disagrees and creates clones of himself to kill Sportacus and prove that he is number one. Stephanie is the Mary Sue main character who agrees with Sportacus.

Theme Song

Welcome to LazyTown,

a place where you'll wanna stay!

You'll meet Robbie with his rotten plan

and Sportacus saving the day.

Stephanie is new in town,

and soon she and Ziggy are friends.

With Pixel, Stingy and Trixie, too,

they're gonna have a blast together!

Go, go, go, get up LazyTown,

it's the start of a brand new day!

Things are upside-down here in LazyTown

Adventure's just a moment away!


  • ALL characters are EVIL except for Robbie, who everyone thinks is evil.
  • Stephanie is a fan of too many CRINGY things!
  • Most of the songs are evil besides We Are Number One , The World Goes Round And Round, and Mine Song.
  • They LOVE school, which inspires kids to glue themselves to their desks and stay at school FOREVER! (Just kidding)