Lola is a common name for a girl.

What Is It?

A common name for a girl.

Does It have A Meaning?


In Spanish, it means "lady of sorrows" and is a nickelodeoname for dolores.

In Filipino (the language of the country Philippines in which JustineCarl5 lives), it means Grandmother.

Filipino Lola Mathematics

Lola (Filipino) = Grandmother

Abuela (Spanish) = Grammy

Babushka (Russian) = Grandma

Nana (Australian) = Gran


  • It is the name of one of the Loud House Characters.
  • It is also the name of two Shopkins: Lola Lollipop and Lola Roller Blade.
  • JustineCarl5 feels cringy when it is used as a name for a young girl.
  • One of ShopkinsAddict's aunts has a dog named Lola.
  • HiSun never saw any of her lolas. They both died before she was born.
  • Pinkie Sprinkle Lee's lola loves PPAP.