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Madonna is like a dumb blonde!

But she is not like a violent person! SHE IS!

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Lorry ELIXIR is an ELIXIR for squished things. The ELIXIR will fix them. Lorry ELIXIR is the first ELIXIR to be made. ELIXIRS are the opposite of REPELLENTS, because ELIXIRS generally have positive effects.

How to Make It

You must put in 3 different types of squashes (Butternut, Winter, and Spaghetti). After doing this, use a wooden stick to mash them together. Now, you will have to add a small rubber ball. Melt it (make sure to hold your nose) and then cook Squash soup with the melted rubber. Shake it for 2 minutes, and you have Lorry ELIXIR. Try pouring it on Lorry to bring her back to life.

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