Let me tell you all a story of a mouse named Lorry yeah Lorry was a mouse with a big brown blouse she through with a money money flow yeah flunk that little mouse shrouds.

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She wears alba-trousers, a sweatshirt, a be-you-tiful bow, lil' white socks, and little red rocking shoes.


  • Clicky Mouse
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Almost all mice
  • Every single mouse in the entire universe!



  2. Jacob Sartorius
  3. http
  4. Nina Noodles
  5. Stingy
  6. Fluer's crew
  7. Cringe
  8. Voldemort
  9. Cringing
  10. Danklery
  11. Anaconda (she loves autotuned voice)


  1. Daffodil
  2. Hagorn
  3. Pirena
  4. Cats



Stoopie scientists believe Lorry was squished in many alternate universes, in many different ways. This explains why there are so many different studies.


  • Lorry died; she was squished.
  • Donald Trump squished her while he was building the wall.
  • Lorry made her appearance in the movie Fluer's Curse in Fluer's World. You can see her page here:
  • She actually is a nice person. She is also known as the only mouse who don't bite people.
  • She have a magical power, which is to make her strong and powerful, as well as drowning their enemies in a puddle of colorful notes to defeat them.
  • She has a pitch, but a sneaky little glitch.
  • In her art, her shirt is red not brown.
    • Also she is not wearing a brown blouse as she was depicted in her story.