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Loupa are new users in Stupidity Wiki. They are two persons sharing the same account (like TheSnuggleKinz), but they're not twins or related. One is a male and one is a female (probably considered as a love team to Deshna Lilyberry.


  • They had been blocked for a day because Loopy dared to edit this page.

Who are these two persons?

Loopy and Stupa.


  • Loopy plays the guitar, like Deshna Lilyberry, while Stupa plays maracas.
  • Stupa is curious, happy and loves beaches and dances.
  • Loopy is daring, sporty and brave.
  • Stupa loves chicken, so she says everyone mustn't eat chicken.
    • But Loopy was the opposite. He LOVES eating chicken.
  • They both hate swearing.
  • They both love the movie Moana.
  • Stupa loves to sway hips with feathers stuck to her arms and legs.
  • They are not humans.
  • They both love music. Although Loopy hates, Stupa LOVES it.
    • Although Stupa only lip syncs songs about beaches.
      • And Stupa deleted because she said it is turning CRINGIEST and CRINGIEST.

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