Don't get on her bad side.

Madonna is like a dumb blonde!

But she is not like a violent person! SHE IS!

This article is like a dumb. You can help Stupidity Wikia by cringing it.

Madonna is like a "singer" from the 80's. She is given the nickname "Queen of Pop" which she does not deserve whatsoever.


In January 2017, she became extremely controversial. At the Women's March (Trump Protest) she stated that she had many thoughts about blowing up The White House. Like a day later, she stated that what she said was "taken wildly out of context" and that she "is not [like] a violent person". However, when ever any celebrity says something stupid now, like a supporter of the celebrity would declare that what they said was "taken out of context". Thus, Madonna will suffer the rest of her life being an internet meme.


Title Should-Be Title Album
Holiday Horror Day Madonna
Lucky Star #13 Star Madonna
Like a Virgin Like, I Ain't Married Like a Virgin
Material Girl Plastic Chic Like a Virgin
Like a Prayer Not Exactly Like a Prayer Like a Prayer
Vogue Strike Like a Lightning I'm Breathless


  • The word like "a" on this page is always preceded with the word "like" because she has two songs AND albums that start like that.
    • This could certainly be what inspired the title for "Like a Bird" by Tiff Trump.

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