Magic Guardians is an app/book that Deshna Lilyberry reads the whole time. Although it's still stuck in Season One.


  • Lily Glowseed - See Lily Glowseed for more information.
  • Rose Glowseed - Lily's grandmother.
  • Vera Glowseed - One of Lily's aunt.
  • Cora Glowseed - Lily's mother (though she's rumored to be dead)
  • Cornelia - Another one of Lily's aunts.
  • Dravus - Cornelia's EEVVVVIIILLLLL husband.
  • Rufus - Lily's cousin, Cornelia snd Dravus's son and Jess's crush.
  • Jess - Lily's BFF
  • Kwan - See Kwan for more information.

Who will die in Chapter 19?

If you picked:

  • Try to defeat Dravus: Rufus will never survive the fight of Lily and Dravus, so he will faint AND DIE.
  • Step aside: Grandma Rose will try to build a wall against Dravus' dark spell, but she will faint AND DIE.


  • Vera and Cornelia (if Grandma Rose was killed)/Grandma Rose (if Rufus was killed) will hug each other and cry.



People Who've Ne'er Heard Of It


  • It will be showing Season Two soon.
  • Kwan may possibly have a crush on Lily.
  • This is actually just an app but Deshna Lilyberry pretends it's a book in an app.
  • You can choose Lily Glowseed's fate in the story.
  • Deshna Lilyberry has the app in her phone and in her mother's Mini iPad. So she chose Lily to step aside and try to defeat Dravus, so both Rufus and Grandma Rose died in Chapter 19.