Mannequin Challenge

Michelle Obama with randoms doing the Mannequin Challenge since it is very suitable for a first lady to do?

The Mannequin Challenge is a famous challenge that got popular in late 2016.

What Is It?


Based Off Of:


How To Do The Challenge?

  1. Set video.
  2. Find the best pose.
  3. Say "1....2.....3!" slowly.
  4. Don't move just like a mannequin.
  5. Find someone who is moving a muscle.
  6. Slap the one who moves a muscle on the cheek and declare the challenge over.
  7. Stop the video.
  8. Done!

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  • TheSnuggleKinz were supposed to do this challenge, but their teacher forgot.
  • JustineCarl5 loves this challenge and had done this challenge on school. He sometimes do this challenge with a dab pose.
  • Hillary Clinton had done this challenge during the campaign period.
  • ShopkinsAddict recently did this challenge in her art class, and at least four people dabbed.
  • Sometimes, at Lava stamp's school, they do this challenge. The boys dab and sometimes, Lava stamp herself dabs. Her old teacher sometimes tells her to stop but it's a joke.
  • Sprinkle Lily Cake's whole family loves to do this challenge and her uncle have two videos of them doing it (with her grandfather actually sleeping lol). She said she is going to dab the next time she plays this challenge.