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Meme is the first collection of popular songs that TSK TSK made into an album. In this album, they are known as 2hushi or just 2 Shushi. It is very notorious that they just took songs for their own album, but they dealt with the hate by playing the album. There are twelve songs used in the traditional variation of this album. Each song used is in its 1 hour version.

Surprisingly, not all of the songs are real memes, but they seemed to fit well with the aesthetic of the album.


Basic Version

Title Number
Nyan Cat[1] No. 1
PFUDOR[2] No. 2
Trololo[3] No. 3
Peanut Butter Jelly Time[4] No. 4
The Gummy Bear Song[5] No. 5
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen[6] No. 6
Never Gonna Give You Up[7] No. 7
Friday[8] No. 8
The Hamster Dance No. 9
Keyboard Cat No. 10
The Duck Song No. 11
Let it Go No. 12

Deluxe Edition *ONLY at Wal-Mart*

Title Number
Sound of Silence No. 13
Baby No. 14
Sweatshirt No. 15
Juju On That Beat No. 16
Cash Me Outside No. 17
Gangnam Style No. 18
What Does The Fox Say No. 19
Barbie Girl No. 20

Reasons for Inclusion

  1. Nyan Cat was chosen for the album because of the infamous 10 hour versions of it. The overall vibe and aesthetic of the song match the album's attitude.
  2. Like Nyan Cat, Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows is a 10-hour-loop favorite! The terrible singing, lyrics, and instruments brought this song to #2.
  3. Trololo is a very strange but popular song which is used to make people cringe.
  4. An nice meme with pixeltastic animation. Obviously, it deserves a place in this album!
  5. Anyone in elementary school when this song circulated would understand why it is here!
  6. Due to its wide popularity and billboard peaks, this annoying-to-sing along-to-song has many variations of itself. Unlike other songs on the album, other songs are mixed into the one hour version including Long Pen, Beetle Booon But Bean in Bottle, and I Like OJ.
  7. Never Gonna Give You Up is totally a song which is just normal. It's not like the person who made it, Rick, shares his name with rickrolling aka trolling.
  8. Being one of the most diss-liked videos on YouTube, this song is perfect for the album.

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