My Little Pony is a bizzare-TV-show-also-knockoff of Barbie Life in The Dream House. Many people note that these ponies are very "derpy" and have caused much controversy with the growing generation of Humans.


Best Episode

In 2016, the award for Best My Little Pony Episode was given to Applejack's "Day" Off. If you have seen this episode, you would know how absolutely wonderful, and not boring this episode is.

Best Season

The Best Season of My Little Pony award was given to Season 3 because it totally has the most episodes. Also, a one-part season finale is totally 20% cooler than a two-part because it totally isn't rushed! 22 minutes of amazing pony-songs along with a new princess can't get any better, RIGHT?

Best Song

Best Friends Until The End of Time from My Little Pony's seventh season has won the award for Best Song! It has been chosen for having a very unique beat and for the How Far I'll Go "reference."

Best Pony

While she used to have the best name, she still is the best My Little Pony character! However, Cadance is a pink princess instead of purple, so the PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE may be replaced by her in the near future.

Best Nonpony

To promote differences and not racism, an award was created known as the Best Nonpony! This award was given to the PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE as she is a princess, not a pony!

Best Name

In mid-2017, the PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE sadly had to be replaced with the new best named character who is totally not controversial, Feather Bangs.

Best Play-Figure

The best play-figure toy ever released for Hasbro's My Little Pony is the original pink PRINCESS CELESTIA talking horse doll. I quote that this toy is a "majestic and show accurate masterpiece."

Best Special

The best special award was given to the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games direct-to-DVD film due to its iconic use of consumerism!

Best Doll

The best doll award was given to Hasbro's entire My Little Pony Equestria Girls Mini Dolls Line! This is because of their epic quality, stability, and articulation.


My Little Pony began in the cringey time period, 80s. They had mini shows and episodes from time to another time. These ponies didn't last long because they were too fat. They lasted about ten years until they were international exclusives for five more. They totally cringed the world with the "My Little Pony Tales" series which was about being a stubborn tweenager. Very few toys (the point of MLP) were produced in '95 and the line totally died for '96.

They had a dramatic reboot in '97 where the new and creepy ponies gained eye-gems. They switched from Hasbro to "Kenner", a strange toy brand that produces nothing. These creepy "new" ponies were rarely ever sold in the typical USA because the UK was jealous. This generation never had a TV series because the My Little Pony Tales series had been too embarrassing.

In 0'3, Hasbro decided to steal MLP back from "Kenner." A dramatic reboot #2 occurred in bringing back the 80s style. They finally dropped the eye-gems! But the most exceptional part is that they now only have one butt mark! This, however, is probably just because Hasbro is losing money after displeased fans. In 0'9, the half reboot occurred producing babyish ponies and newborn cuties. These were much more appropriate and appealing to adults.

The most recent '10 reboot takes the 80s ponies to whole new level with a shmancy and extremely overrated TV series to advertise their toys. They talk about magic, friendship, pinkie pies, princesses, and other stuff that for some reason attract ADULTS. Workers for the MLP series are notorious for stealing fans' OCs for the TV series.

My Little Pony: Romance is Lovely

My Little Pony: Romance is Lovely is an anti-friendship collection of the 15 most romantic MLP episodes. The worst cheater in the series is Big McIntosh.

Episode Title Highlight Ship
The Best Night Ever Rarity & Prince Vladimir Blueblood
Secret of My Excess Rarity & Spike the Dragon
Baby Cakes Mrs. Chiffon Dazzle Swirl Cup Cake & Mr. Carrot Cake
Hearts and Hooves Day Cheerilee & Big McIntosh
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 Queen Chrysalis & Prince Shining Armor
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 Princess Mi Amore Cadenza & Prince Shining Armor
Simple Ways Rarity & Trenderhoof
Filli Vanilli Fluttershy & Big McIntosh
Slice of Life Matilda & Cranky Doodle Donkey
Hearthbreakers Marble Pie & Big McIntosh
Top Bolt Vapor Trail & Sky Stinger
Flutter Brutter Rainbow Dash & Zephyr Breeze
Hard to Say Anything Sugar Belle & Big McIntosh
Discordant Harmony Fluttershy & Discord
The Perfect Pear Pear Buttercup & Bright McIntosh

Notable Cartoon Character

Princess Twilight Sparkle


Mary Sue with her clip-on wings. This is what a princess looks like. #CRINGE

The main character of the TV series is a pretty "pink" princess called Twilight after Lorry Faust's childhood Twilight. She also had "twinkle" in her name (now it is sparkle), but Twilight is a long enough name already. After all, her full name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, so she should just be Princess Twi. She was once a boring unicorn, but Hasbro Spiced Up Her Life. Now she is an "alicorn" or "unipeg". She is commonly dubbed "Best Pony". The reason is because she is an all-out Mary Sue who pees, poos, and pukes happiness, rainbows, cupcakes, sunshine, tiaras, and Disney.

The Elements of Fear

In 2018, the Elements of Fear were chosen. Like how the Tree of Harmony chose who would represent the Elements of Harmony, the Doll of Riana chose six creatures to be the Elements of Fear.

Element of Fear of G1 Ponies & Pony Wear: The Element of Fear of G1 Ponies and Pony Wear is represented by Smolder who is afraid of early ponies and clothes.

Element of Fear of Getting Stuck in Elevators: The Element of Fear of Elevators is represented by Gallus who is mentally unstable when moving on the enclosed space.

Element of Fear of Lice: The Element of Fear of Lice is represented by Yona who feels very uncomfortable when thinking about lice as they could jump onto ANY part of her furry body.

Element of Fear of Being Ugly: The Element of Fear of Being Ugly is represented by Ocellus who believes with her whole heart that ugliness equals evil.

Element of Fear of the Past: The Element of Fear of the Past is represented by Silver Stream who is terrified by now-dead creatures coming back to life.

Element of Fear of Detention: The Element of Fear of Detention is represented by Sandbar who gets panic attacks when getting 99's on quizzes.