My Time To Shine is the second studio recorded song by the Shopkins team; the first single by Gemma Stone as well.

Possible Lyrics

I'm one of a kind, polished and fine.

Brilliant by design, ah-o, ah-o!

Glitter like a star, see me from afar.

Stand out in the dark, ah-o, (ah-o)!

Even if I try, I could never hide.

I won't be denied! There's no stopping the glow inside!

It's my time to shine! I light up the sky!

Look what the colors do, suddenly shining through.


  • Gemma Stone's voice actress can't sing
  • Fainting Suzie Sundae not good for children
  • Background music WAY too loud
  • Shoppies Controversy
  • Music video too bright
  • Animation and singing lines up disgustingly
  • Lyrics are very hard to understand
  • When lyrics are understood, however, they are very stange
  • Too much screaming
  • Overcrowded show
  • The diamond on Gemma's face might be a tattoo
  • Gemma wears too much makeup, that lipstick color is too over the top...
  • Gemma is OBVIOUSLY lipsynching
  • Gemma is closing her eyes on high notes and thinking she has a good voice
  • Gemma is self-absorbed
  • Gemma's heels are too high


Gemma Stone - My Time to Shine

Gemma Stone - My Time to Shine

Gemma Stone - My Time to Shine