Nana Cream is a random Num who is friends with Berry Berry Swirl, Choco Cream, and Nana Gloss Up. Her rival is Bubbly Jelly, and her boyfriend is Eggbert Tamago (page coming soon?).


  • Her friends and their youtube channel
  • Her family and sister (sort of her sister)
  • Hopscotch (for some weird reason)
  • Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Instagram
  • Pancakes

Dislikes (Plus opinions from Nana Cream)

  • Anime ("It's overrated.")
  • Bubbly Jelly ("She's the anime lover, I am the anime hater. So we fight a lot.")
  • Being sick ("GEEEEERRRRMS!!!!!!!!")
  • Donald Trump ("My birthday is the day before his (cri).")

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