The Nobacon War was a Stoopiverse war which was started by Piglet in 1944. It was made to stop bacon from being processed, because Piglet almost became bacon.


The day that Piglet turned 18, a man named Robin Chris Toft thought that Piglet was dead, so he was about to make him into bacon. After all, Piglet was very old (even though he is still alive today). However, Piglet was just sleeping because he is lazy. When Piglet woke up, he realized that Robin Chris Toft was going to turn him into bacon! He quickly fled from him, and then started the Nobacon War.

Nobacon War Part One

Obviously, Piglet started the Nobacon War. Since he was 18, he thought he was old enough for anything, including declaring war! For many decades, he was the only person (or pig) fighting in the war. What he actually was fighting is unknown, but many sources say that he would pull a stand of hair off of every human he saw, and then he would eat it. In 1990, he collaborated with the 16 year old nobacon activist, Miss Piggy, and together they helped stop bacon from existing. However, their plans for stopping bacon's existence failed, so they took a hiatus to get married, have children, raise their children, and other things of the sort.


In 1992, Piglet was married to Miss Piggy, who was 18 at the time. Despite their way too big age difference of perhaps 48 years, the two were able to illegally get married, much to Kermit's anger. The couple had two daughters, Olivia (born in 2000), and Peppa (born in 2004). In 2013, Olivia became a teen, and started fighting in the Nobacon War. Later this year, Peppa will also be a Nobacon warrior.

Nobacon War Part Two

After 23 years of hiatus, the Nobacon War resumed with Olivia as a new military leader. Olivia was the most effective Nobacon fighter considering she did the Amazin Baconless. The Amazin Baconless was a battle when she threw 100+ pieces of bacon in the trash, which totally helped the pigs live because they already were bacon. You may think that was sarcastic, but in reality, the pig family thought it was helpful. Piglet and Miss Piggy, being way too old to be alive, were somehow still military fighters in the Nobacon Forces.


The Nobacon War will end when bacon doesn't exist anymore, but that may not happen.