The obtuse angle is the Acute Angle's brother. He is older. Their middle sibling is the Right Angle.

First of all, what's an "obtuse" angle?

An obtuse angle is older than both of its siblings. It makes him the oldest. He is 90+ years old. The Right Angle is 90 years old but will never age again and the Acute Angle is 0+ years old.

Why is it even on the Stoopiverse? Do you learn it in school?

Welp, Lava stamp added this page because if there is an acute angle, there might be an obtuse angle.

His Family says up there. Obtuse is oldest, Right is middle, and Acute is youngest. They don't have parents. SO HOW WERE THEY BORN?! This remains a mystery into the future. (It's probably Half Angle and Circle, who were the oldest geometry parents ever) Obtuse Angle even sometimes beat his younger siblings which makes him EVIL. He can even light on fire and explode like a bomb. Lava stamp calls him the Obfuse Angle. He mainly beats Acute Angle because he just had enough with her cuteness. He also blew up the house multiple times because of Acute.


  • Someone put Obtuse's siblings as his spouses.


Obtuse Angle, Right Angle, and Acute Angle are all different from each other. But this page is about Obtuse Angle. Here we go.

Obtuse Angle is the most hostile out of all his siblings. He can explode, and he beat his siblings. Sometimes, he'd beat Right Angle for no reason. He does beat Acute Angle for a reason. He had enough with her cuteness. But if Acute Angle does some kawaii thing like the puppy eyes, put your hands up. You are dead.

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