The PPAP Café is a café located in The H Place. It looks like it's in Japan, but it isn't, and WatermelonSunshine can confirm that.

Why does this place exist?!

This is the birthplace of Nina Noodles. She was formerly a menu item here before becoming a Shopkin. This is why she hates Tell me what's cookin' and loves PPAP.

Its only current employee is PikoTaro, because all the people who tried to work here were too stupid to cook anything properly and all got fired by PikoTaro. One person in particular even managed to set the place on fire. Fortunately, PikoTaro rebuilt it in a day, using just apple pens and pineapple pens.

REAL Facts

  • The café was located in Tokyo, Japan.
  • The café was one of Japan's many cafés that are only available for a limited amount of time.
  • The café closed on November 20th, 2016.
  • PikoTaro (Kazuhito Kosaka) doesn't actually work here. Of course.

Where it moved to (Not a REAL fact) Headquarters in The H Place.


The menu of this place is just as horrifying as it may seem. While the menu items all seem innocent and contain some sort of lame PPAP pun in their name, just one bite of them can turn you into a PPAP zombie. PPAP zombies have unnaturally yellow skin, wear only yellow and gold (like PikoTaro), and only communicate in PPAP puns. Trust me, you DO NOT want to eat here.

Former Employees

Ppap menu


  • They show an endless loop of PPAP on their TV, Cringy!