PinkSheep avatar

Our #1 Prankster Gangster

As a sheep

So handsome


This is your boi with the MLG glasses

Sheep as human

You boi as a human

PinkSheep is Purple Shep's daddy. PinkSheep is also a prankster gangster with his mustache power and MLG glasses. He has a crush on a blue sheep known as Crystal Sheep.


" Yo what is up my prankster gangsters? (something something)"

"Yo what is up pink sheeps? My name is prankster gangster!" (Accident intro)


  • "Yo what is up my prankster gangsters?"
  • "Yo yo yo"
  • "Oh my goodness"
  • "Thanks for watching this video"
  • "Lololololololololololololololololo Lololol....."


  • He just started dating Crystal Sheep
  • He cannot count above 43.
  • He likes dead bushes.
  • He has a "homie" named Pink Guy who they both force ExplodingTNT to make the next Weird Comments Series video.
  • He has a dolphin "homie."
  • He likes Doritos and Mountain Dew.