Pirena is Hagorn's daughter, Minea's daughter, Enuo's stepdaughter, Raquim's stepdaughter, Amihan's half-sister, Alena's half-sister, Danaya's half-sister, Deshna's half-sister, LilaSari's stepdaughter, Mira's mother, Lira's aunt, Kahlil's aunt, Arvak's granddaughter, Bartimus's great-granddaughter, Ybrahim's sister-in-law, Esmeralda's granddaughter, Demetria's great-granddaughter, Agane's niece, Amihan's niece, and Adhara's first cousin twice removed.


Is fire.


Anyway, Gurna (her dama) brainwashed Pirena from the start so she could join Hathoria and believe that her mother and her sisters don't love her. Then Mine'a (her mother) felt exactly what she felt so she wrote a letter to Pirena so she could explain everything. But Gurna, a spy for Hagorn, hid it. This makes Gurna EVIL!

Important News

Pirena's daughter, Mira, has DIED.

Fire Facts

  • She have fire powers when she have her Brilyante.
  • She's the eldest among of all of her sisters.
  • She is the daughter of Hagorn as mentioned.
  • She lives in Sapiro and Lireo all at once.
  • She is starting to change from the bad girl to the good girl.

People who like her

People who are neutral

  • Hagorn (like Mira, he hates and likes her at the same time)
  • Ether
  • Loupa

People who hate her

  • Agane
  • Arde
  • Asval

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