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Poland Frys is the best friend of our mascot, Pen-Cecil.

He went into the Stoopiverse as the Pigopocolypse went into view. 

His Minions

His Origins

He came into the Stoopiverse right when a Pig Missile hit him. Poland's original name was Sir George La'Bouffire de'Noir but that's too long so when he went into the Stoopiverse, his name became Poland Frys because he just happened to be in a Poland McDonald's when the missile hit. He now sings for K.P.O.P. It is the #1 sing service because it stands for Kids Pop Or Poop. Poland Frys burns the place down every Tuesday as his job.


His parents were Prince Ferris de'Noir (born 1900) & Lady Magnolia La'bouffire (born 1914). Ferris' parents were Henry de'Noir (born 1870) & Elsabeth Colley (born 1875) while Magnolia's parents were Harl La'bouffire (1890) & Rayne Williamsburgh (1876). Poland and his wife Mary Kale (born 1954) have two sons and one daughter. Their birth order is Angelbeth (born 1975), Louis (born 1979), & Franc (born 1990).


He lives in the same apartment as Pen-Cecil with his wife Mary Kale.


Last and only photo of Poland before the pig missile hit