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The Positive Language Society (formerly the Linguistically Positive Company) is an Everdalean company involving words which was founded by Princess Ella of Everdale. It is best known for creating rules which structured the modern Everdalean speech patterns, and it is an extremely specific and strict code to follow. ProPo is the term for someone who agrees with these rules, and NoPo is the term for someone who protests about the Positive Language Society.


There are several rules made by the Positive Language Society (for Everdale), and they all involve words or speech in general. While the rules of Illegal Word Usage are also used in Everdale, they are quite different from the strictly positive rules.

  • The word "not" (as well as "no") is not allowed to be spoken in Everdale.
  • Death, sickness, war, and other dark subjects must never be mentioned in Everdale.
  • Uncommon names (such as Elsa) must be officially changed to a more common name (such as Ella).
  • Words that are quite peculiar and rare shall never be used (such as quockerwodger).
  • Talking in different languages is not allowed.
  • One's accent must be approved by the Positive Language Society.