Right is a word known for being right at the right place and right idiot.

Why it is RIGHT

R stands for RIGHT

I stands for INTELLIGENT


H stands for HARAMBE

T stands for TRUTH


  • Left can be right in some circumstances.
  • It looks like an arrow with out a bow. With a bow, it is murderous.
  • The word is used in English, not in other languages.
  • It has too many definitions.





adjective: right; comparative adjective: righter; superlative adjective: rightest

  1. 1.

morally good, justified, or acceptable.

"I hope we're doing the right thing"

synonyms: just, fair, proper, good, upright, righteous, virtuous, moral, ethical, honorable, honest
antonyms: wrong, unjust
  1. 2.

true or correct as a fact.

"I'm not sure I know the right answer"

synonyms: correct, accurate, exact, precise
antonyms: wrong, inaccurate
    • correct in one's opinion or judgment.

"she was right about Tom having no money"

synonyms: correct, accurate, exact, precise
antonyms: wrong, inaccurate
    • used as an interrogative at the end of a statement as a way of inviting agreement, approval, or confirmation.

exclamation: right

"you went to see Angie on Monday, right?"

    • according to what is correct for a particular situation or thing.

"is this the right way to the cottage?"

    • the best or most suitable of a number of possible choices for a particular purpose or occasion.

"he was clearly the right man for the job"

synonyms: suitable, appropriate, fitting, correct, proper, desirable, preferable, ideal
antonyms: wrong, unsuitable, inopportune
    • socially fashionable or important.

"he was seen at all the right places"

    • in a satisfactory, sound, or normal state or condition.

"that sausage doesn't smell right"

  1. 3.

on, toward, or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing that is to the east when the person or thing is facing north.

"my right elbow"

  1. 4.

complete; absolute (used for emphasis, typically in derogatory contexts).

"I felt a right idiot"

  1. 5.

of or relating to a person or political party or grouping favoring conservative views.

"are you politically right, left, or center?" adverb

adverb: right

  1. 1.

to the furthest or most complete extent or degree (used for emphasis).

"the car spun right off the track"

synonyms: completely, fully, totally, absolutely, utterly, thoroughly, quite

"she was right at the limit of her patience"

    • exactly; directly (used to emphasize the precise location or time of something).

"Harriet was standing right behind her"

synonyms: exactly, precisely, directly, immediately, just, squarely, dead
    • informal

immediately; without delaying or hesitating.

"I'll be right back"

synonyms: straight, immediately, instantly, at once, straightaway, now, right now, this minute,directly, forthwith, without further ado, promptly, quickly, as soon as possible, ASAP, in short order
antonyms: sometime, later
    • dialectarchaic


"it's right spooky in there!"

  1. 2.


"he had guessed right"

synonyms: correctly, accurately, properly, precisely, aright, rightly, perfectly

"I think I heard right"

antonyms: wrong
    • in the required or necessary way; properly; satisfactorily.

"nothing's going right for me this season"

synonyms: well, properly, justly, fairly, nicely, equitably, impartially, honorably, lawfully, legally
antonyms: unjustly, badly
  1. 3.

on or to the right side.

"turn right at Main Street" noun

noun: right; plural noun: rights; noun: the right; noun: Right; noun: the Right

  1. 1.

that which is morally correct, just, or honorable.

"she doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong"

synonyms: goodness, righteousness, virtue, integrity, rectitude, propriety, morality, truth, honesty, honor, justice, fairness, equity; More
antonyms: wrong
  1. 2.

a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.

"she had every right to be angry"

synonyms: entitlement, prerogative, privilege, advantage, due, birthright, liberty, authority, power

"you have the right to say no"

    • the authority to perform, publish, film, or televise a particular work, event, etc.

"they sold the paperback rights"

  1. 3.

the right-hand part, side, or direction.

"take the first turning on the right"

    • (in football or a similar sport) the right-hand half of the field when facing the opponent's goal.

short for right field.

"a looping single to right"

    • the right wing of an army.
    • a right turn.

"he made a right in Dorchester Avenue"

    • a road or entrance on the right.

"take the first right over the stream"

    • (especially in the context of boxing) a person's right fist.
    • a blow given with this.

"the young cop swung a terrific right"

  1. 4.

a grouping or political party favoring conservative views and supporting capitalist economic principles. verb

verb: right; 3rd person present: rights; past tense: righted; past participle: righted; gerund or present participle: righting

  1. 1.

restore to a normal or upright position.

"we righted the capsized dinghy"

synonyms: set upright, turn back over

"the way to right a capsized dinghy"

    • restore to a normal or correct condition or situation.

"righting the economy demanded major cuts in defense spending"

synonyms: remedy, put right, rectify, retrieve, fix, resolve, sort out, settle, square
    • redress or rectify (a wrong or mistaken action).

"she was determined to right the wrongs done to her father"

synonyms: remedy, put right, rectify, retrieve, fix, resolve, sort out, settle, square
    • archaic

make reparation to (someone) for a wrong done to them.

"we'll see you righted" exclamation


exclamation: right

  1. 1.

used to indicate one's agreement with a suggestion or to acknowledge a statement or order.

"“Barry's here.” “Oh, right”"

    • used as a filler in speech or to introduce an utterance, exhortation, or suggestion.

"and I didn't think any more of it, right, but Mom said I should take him to a doctor"

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